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  • Can we get a trial of Shift Left?

    Yes, request a trial of Shift Left from the ServiceNow app store page

  • What’s the price for Shift Left?

    Pricing is based off the number of users needed for Shift Left. Contact us to get a quote.

  • Who benefits from using Shift Left?

    Everyone from help desk staff to Sys Admins will feel the Shift Left for ServiceNow difference, each for different reasons:

    • Help Desk Technician – Solve more customer issues confidently and faster.
    • Help Desk Manager – Safely empower your team to close more tickets on the first call, faster.
    • IT Director – Consolidate more Service Desk tasks within the ITSM suite of ServiceNow.
    • Sys Admin Team – Reduce escalation to Sys Admin team from Help Desk, without needing to deploy an additional agent on Endpoints. 
  • Do we need a Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager environment to use Shift Left?

    No, you do not need a ConfigMgr environment to use Shift Left, although some actions that run against ConfigMgr will not be available, including Logged in Devices and Deployed Applications.

  • Can we purchase Shift Left for only part of our Help Desk team?

    Yes, please get in touch with our team to discuss!

  • Do we need Right Click Tools to use Shift Left?

    No, Shift Left is a separate product from Right Click Tools. Of course, our recommendation is to use both for maximum efficiency gain!

  • What is Shift Left?

    Shift Left is an app for ServiceNow that can pull real-time information and run actions against Active Directory and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager devices and users through the ServiceNow MidServer.

    Designed to help L1 and L2 service desk staff troubleshoot devices and user accounts without leaving the incident form, Shift Left helps significantly improve first call resolution numbers.

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