Shift Left for ServiceNow

Access More Data Points

Troubleshoot smarter when your team knows everything there is to know about the system in question.

Smarter, faster call triage

Resolve calls faster when your team knows everything they need about a system. Know the device make and model, what apps are installed and deployed, OS version, when the last reboot was kicked off, and make smarter help desk decisions based on accurate information.

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deployed applications

See if current deployed application is installed or not installed.

logged in users

View console user and current logged in user on a machine.

ping devices

Verify system is on and connected to the network.

inventory data from configmgr

See current operating system, last known reboot, machine manufacturer and model, OS release ID and Service Pack, and computer name.

“With Shift Left you get a one-stop console within ServiceNow for BitLocker keys, password resets, logged in devices, last reboot data, and more.”

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