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How to Install Right Click Tools Enterprise

This post covers automating the install of Right Click Tools, Enterprise Tools Standalone.  The Script used is based off the install script in the last post, which we  recommend you take a read of that post as well.

Before you can start, you’ll need to collect some files for the source.  To do this, you’ll need to install the tools on one machine, and import the license, and the configuration.xml file.

First the License File:

Licence file

This will create a file in the folder: c:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Licenses

Folder created

Go ahead and fill out rest of the items you want:

Fill out the rest of the items
SQL Configuration

Note, these settings are not included in the configuration.xml and will not be part of the deployment.

System Information tab
Interactive Command Prompt tab
Windows Explorer tab

Now we can grab the Config File and add it to the Source.

Grab the Config File and add it to the Source

The 3rdPartyTools folder has the two exe’s that are not part of Recast and you’ll have to download on your own:

Now that we have the source files, you can build your application.

You can now create your Application Model Apps… look at the last post for more info.

Recast Logo Image for Application HERE
Install Script Hosted on Github HERE

  • Installs the Recast Right Click Tools
  • Copies over the License Bin File
  • Copies over the Configuration.xml File if one not present
  • Updates items in the Configuration.xml file [System information]
  • Logs the Install.

Additional Right Click Tools Enterprise Resources


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