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Free Community Edition

Starter package for basic productivity improvements and shortcuts.

Features Include:

Client Tools

Boost productivity in managing devices across a wide range of tasks, including 15 Management functions.

Client Actions

Easily accessible Client Actions, that can be run on single or multi-selected devices, plus evaluation and inventory cycle actions.

Console Tools

Productivity actions for common administrative tasks, including 19 Administrative functions on single or multi-select Device Collections.

User Tools

Includes password change options, enable/disable/unlock accounts, security groups and more.

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Enterprise Edition

Fully supported suite of tools to surface security and compliance vulnerabilities and improve productivity.

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Everything in Community and:

SUDS Dashboard

Run a highly-targeted scan of software update deployment compliance and take common device actions on any portion of the results.

Active Directory Cleanup Tool

Scan Configuration Manager and Active Directory for devices, showing results about where those devices are: in just ConfigMgr, just AD, or (properly) in both. Device actions can be taken on results.

ReLAPS Dashboard

Surface compliance data about the Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) tool. Return results in a simple, LAPS present/Not Present by device chart.

BitLocker Status Tool

Show status information about BitLocker on single or multi-selected devices and take several management actions.

Quick Query Tool

Improve the WQL query experience with larger and more complex queries, returning results quicker and allowing changes to the Query statement on the fly.

Hardware Audit Dashboard

Visualize the hardware of the endpoints in your environment, including chassis type, manufacturer, and model. Plus, filter accordingly.

AD/MBAM BitLocker Key Tool

Pull the current BitLocker keys from either Active Directory or MBAM, and viewing immediately.

Remote Software Center

Grants similar functionality as the local Software Center application with the ability to be run remotely from the administrator machine and at scale on numerous devices or device collections. View and install deployed applications, programs and software updates, and run/view task sequences.

Status Message Tools

View Status Messages in 24 different console locations.

Send notification Tool

Send a message/notification to users of one or more devices.

Content Information Dashboard

Quickly view content tied to a specific task sequence, take action on that content, and manage the successful distribution of your task sequence content to where it needs to be.

Content distribution monitor

Manage and remediate content distribution failures with an overview of distribution job status for your entire environment.

ConfigMgr fast channel

Use Right Click Tools on the ConfigMgr Fast Channel to run the tools without admin rights, remove the need for firewall ports on the devices and run actions over a Cloud Management Gateway (CMG).

Role Based Administration

Use roles to assign permissions to users.

Recast Server

Required in order to manage permissions, auditing, running actions against untrusted domains, or running actions against workgroup computers.


Unlimited remote support from our dedicated Customer Success team.

Enterprise Plus

Optional add-ons to the Enterprise Edition

Builder/Runner Automation Platform

In-console workflow creation suite with an accompanying execution and scheduling platform. Perform over 250 actions across dozens of categories.

Kiosk Manager / UWF Manager

Provision and configure devices to support common single-purpose, kiosk-style requirements such as computer labs and digital signage.
Configure Windows Unified Write Filter feature to create a known-good state. This state is then locked down and any changes made are reverted back upon a restart.

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When you have the tools you need to be better, every aspect of the business is lifted.

Right Click Tools are used by hundreds of thousands of enterprise organizations worldwide to maintain highly secure and compliant environments. When the teams who manage, provision and support your technology have the tools they need to be better, every aspect of the business is lifted.

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