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Recast’s Endpoint Management Recap – Jan 2020

Welcome to the first Recast Endpoint Management Recap of 2020!

Episode three of a monthly edition of recent updates, news and helpful resources for the ConfigMgr community. Highlights from the last month include:

  • Events / Conference News
  • Microsoft Product Announcements
  • Hardware Vendor Updates (Tools / Security / Features)
  • Community Tools / News
  • Recast Updates

That’s the idea, a high level overview of things going on that you’ll want to be aware of and you can dig into them further on your own.

Events & Conferences

This past month we saw some user group action, and we found where / when Ignite 2020 will be.

  • Ignite 2020 – September 21–25, 2020 – New Orleans, LA
  • GeekWeek – Truesec – March 23-27, 2020, Chicago or March 2-6, 2020, Stockholm
  • NWSCUG – Recast Sponsored this January – No Recording
  • DFWSMUG – January 28, 2020
  • WMUG Recorded on Youtube – What’s new in MEM Intune and ConfigMgr with Robert Marshall and Paul Winstanley

There are a lot of user groups, not every group meets every month, but there are a lot of ways to get plugged in, meet peers, make connections, and know you’re not alone in this MEMCM journey. Reach out to @RecastSoftware if you’re interested and unsure where to start, and we’ll try to help you connect with your local group.

Microsoft Product Announcements

Microsoft Edge Browser (Based on Chromium Engine): LANDING PAGE

Release Announcement: New Year, New Browser

What do we like about the new Edge?  It’s secure, it’s fast, it’s easy to patch, it’s managed, has “IE Mode” for legacy support based on your Enterprise Site List, use profiles for separation, huge extension library (since you can use Chrome extensions), and it’s just sweet.

Edge Focused Info:

Intune Whats New Landing Page

ConfigMgr Whats New Landing Page

  • ConfigMgr 1910 went General Availability (GA), or what they call the Slow Ring on 12/20.
  • ConfigMgr 1910 update rollup released Jan 15th. Fixes several bugs since initial release.

ConfigMgr Tech Preview Landing Page

Hardware Vendor Updates

  • [Enterprise Tools Landing Page]
  • System Update 5.07.0092 – NEW UPDATE – Updated 2020-01-08 – Minor Enhancements. [Release Notes]
  • Thin Installer 1.3.0018 – NEW UPDATE – Updated 2019-12-19 – Several command line enhancements. [Release Notes]
  • This version adds “-packagetypes” that allows you to filter the updates installed by their type (1 – Application, 2 – Driver, 3 – BIOS, 4 – Firmware, 5 – Other; Package Type was added to Update Retriever’s  ‘Update view’ in previous release)  Also  adds return code 3010 when installing Reboot Type 3 updates with ‘-noreboot’ to suppress the reboot from Thin Installer so that solution  like Config Mgr can trigger restart.
  • Added return codes for when the “Scan” action is used to identify  when updates are available
  • Added command parameters to download updates only and also to install the previously downloaded updates x
  • Vantage for Enterprise – Not much info available on this, large download with lots of parts.
  • Blog Posts. Lenovo has an official blog with how-to’s. It had two posts at the end of October, which I’d recommend reading if you support Lenovo.
  • [Blog Post] – System Update Suite and MEM: Part 1 Deploying the Apps
Microsoft [Surface]

Community Tools Blogs

Check out some of our favorite tools for ConfigMgr, along with several blog posts covering a wide range of areas and ideas to all help with Endpoint Management.  This month was quite busy in the community.

A special call out to a new website, a portal of collaboration, a way to get plugged in to the Microsoft Endpoint Management community: Systems Management Squad “Our goal is to foster community driven IT knowledge sharing through mentor-supported blogging and public speaking.”

Another new Community also came about this past month: MC2MC – Microsoft Cloud and Client Management Community [ @wmatthyssen @_Cloud_boy @Goosken @Jasper_be @Tim_DK @pdtit @peter_linders]

PodCasts / Blog Series / Video Blogs

Blog Posts

 Cloud Tech
 General ConfigMgr
 Other SysAdmin Goodies

Recast Updates

  • Right Click Tools 4.1 was released with many new tools and features added in the Enterprise edition. Click here to read more about what’s new, watch an on-demand webinar and download the new version today.

Thanks for checking out the post, and look forward to more monthly updates of what’s going on.  If you think I missed something, or want any other news added, find me on Twitter: @RecastSoftware


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