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Recast’s Endpoint Management Recap – Vol. 53

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Welcome to Recast’s Endpoint Management Recap, Vol. 53

by Daniel Engberg


May is finally here, and it’s my favorite month of the year! The weather is usually fantastic, and we have the whole summer to look forward to. This month, we have some exciting highlights to share with you.

This REMR features updates from Microsoft Build and big news about the next generation of Windows Autopilot, which will bring a re-engineered architecture and enhanced deployment features.

In addition, we’ve included several valuable resources and community tools to help you stay up to date with the latest developments in macOS management, Windows 11, and Intune.

Check out the detailed blog posts and video blogs from Microsoft and our endpoint management community.

I hope you enjoy this issue, and we look forward to seeing you again next month!

– Daniel Engberg

Contents – Endpoint Management Recap


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endpoint management recap from Microsoft

This month brings exciting news with new macOS management features, including Platform SSO. Microsoft has enhanced the integration of macOS devices with Intune, making it easier to manage and secure Apple devices within an enterprise environment.

The official blog post explains how these updates can benefit your organization. For more details, check out What’s new in macOS management: Platform SSO and more on the Microsoft Intune blog.

The most significant update this month is the next generation of Windows Autopilot. This update introduces a re-engineered architecture that supports more devices, streamlines the deployment process, and enhances reporting capabilities. Admins can now define apps to be installed during the out-of-box experience (OOBE), making deployment more efficient and secure. You can read more about these updates in the Microsoft Intune Blog.

Additionally, Microsoft Build 2024 showcased a strong focus on AI. Microsoft introduced new AI-integrated services aimed at both enterprises and consumers, including updates to Team Copilot and Copilot+ PCs and the introduction of the Phi-3-Vision small language model.

These updates ensure developers have the tools to create a wide range of AI-enabled products.

Highlights from Microsoft Build include:

  • Copilot Updates: New capabilities for Microsoft 365 and Teams, expanding beyond a personal assistant to improve collaboration and streamline project management.
  • Copilot+ PC: New Windows-based hardware offering significant performance enhancements for AI workloads.
  • Phi-3-Vision: A new small language model designed for low computing-intensive tasks with multimodal capabilities.


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endpoint management recap conclusion

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