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Recast’s Endpoint Management Recap – June 2023

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Welcome to Recast’s Endpoint Management Recap, June 2023 – by Daniel Engberg

Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well.

Firstly, I’m excited to announce that Microsoft has finally released the long-awaited driver and firmware management feature in Microsoft Intune. This significant milestone empowers organizations to seamlessly transition from on-premises Configuration Manager environments to the cloud, unlocking new possibilities for streamlined device management and enhanced security.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll explore more details about this exciting update and other noteworthy developments across the Microsoft ecosystem.

I also wanted to share some exciting news from my side. My family and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our second child in August. As I prepare for this joyous occasion, I will continue to provide the Recast Endpoint Management Recap newsletter during my upcoming vacation and paternity leave. Even though I’ll be taking some time off, I’m committed to staying current with the latest developments and bringing you valuable insights.

Before I sign off, I want to express my appreciation for your continued support and engagement. Your active participation makes the Recast Endpoint Management Recap a valuable resource for the community. Your feedback and insights are always welcome.

Stay tuned for the comprehensive coverage of Microsoft products, insightful articles, and community highlights in this month’s newsletter.

I wish you a wonderful summer filled with joy, relaxation, and exciting discoveries.

Best regards,

– Daniel Engberg

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endpoint management recap from Microsoft

Here is a brief highlight of the product updates from Microsoft during June.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint released an important update regarding enrollment prerequisites for Windows devices managed by Defender for Endpoint with Intune. This update on the Microsoft Community Hub includes enhanced security measures.

For Microsoft ConfigMgr, a helpful article on the Microsoft Community Hub explores Configuration Manager Automation Fundamentals using WMI. It provides valuable insights into streamlining automation processes.

Microsoft Intune brings a range of exciting updates. You can now easily add apps on Windows 11 SE devices for Microsoft Intune for Education. Additionally, there’s a new Microsoft 365 apps security baseline profile and updates to the Microsoft Edge baseline. Introducing the Microsoft Mac Admins community allows Mac administrators to connect and share insights.

In Windows 11, the exciting news is the availability of multi-app kiosk mode in Windows 11. This feature allows for a more versatile and customized user experience.

Lastly, for Windows 365, there’s a helpful article on Microsoft Learn that guides you on how to move a Cloud PC during the preview phase.

Find the rest of the updates from Microsoft below.


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Security Alerts and Info [Microsoft Security Portal – Security Update Guide]


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endpoint management recap conclusion

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‍Thank you for checking out Recast’s Endpoint Management Recap – June 2023. Stay tuned for more helpful content coming your way in the new year.

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