Recast Team

We're Changing How Systems Are Managed

Recast Software's mission is to be a crucial part of how IT teams create highly secure and compliant environments, capable of handling technological change. Our tools are used by hundreds of thousands of enterprise organizations worldwide, impacting millions of devices and (more importantly) the people who use them.

Recast Team

Who We Are

We’re a dedicated group who love what we do and, more importantly, who we do it for. From community leading Systems Administrators to tech-savvy Product Experts, we’re obsessed with information technology and how to better manage it.

Our Values

We are Empathetic
Great products and great relationships are rooted in the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.  Without empathy we can miss the problem, fail to understand the customers’ pain, or overlook the needs of a team member.  Our success in adopting our core values as well as in the sustained success of Recast Software is rooted more in empathy than any other value.​

We Make Mistakes
Mistakes are the foundation of any success.  We foster an environment where not getting it right every time is recognized as part of the innovation process. ​

We are Curious
Ideas are rarely linear, and don't always come from where you think they will. We ask the hard questions but also the easy ones. We listen and embrace feedback, because all of us have something to learn from each other. ​

We Bring Positive Energy and Humor Everyday
Never take yourself too seriously.  ​

We are Change Ready
Our industry thrives on managing change.  Our ability to be flexible and adapt on an almost constant basis will determine much of our success.

We are Self Motivated
Be proactive in defining the work that is important for your professional growth and the growth of the company.

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