Recast Software Product Roadmap

As endpoint management continues to advance, we provide the tools that help you keep pace. We are continuously innovating to help you reduce downtime, gain powerful insights, and manage devices like never before.

Check back often for updates and opportunities to provide input about new features and improvements!

Product Focus Areas

Proactive Decision-Making

Modern dashboards deliver insights and enable coordinated actions​

Flexibility Across Environments

Adaptable solutions for diverse and evolving operational landscapes ​​

Safeguard Users and Devices

Prioritize security for efficient user and device protection​

Purpose-Built with Reliability

Scalable features ensuring consistent and dependable performance​

Recently Delivered

Application Manager Enterprise

Application Manager is now integrated with Recast Management Server and includes an expanded catalog of 2,000+ applications. 

Documentation: 5.4.2401.1004 & Application Manager

Windows LAPS

Right Click Tools LAPS tools and Dashboard now work with Windows LAPS for both encrypted and unencrypted passwords.

Release Notes: 5.3.2311.103 & 5.3.3212.503

Agent Gateway

Enhanced Agent Gateway for a more robust experience with internet-connected devices.

Release Notes: 5.0.2302.1001 & 5.2.2308.103

In Development

Application Manager for Intune Environments

Enable admins to deploy applications using Intune in addition to Configuration Manager. Each deployment process will be configurable to include ConfigMgr collections or Entra ID groups.  

Warranty Information Dashboard

A brand-new experience for managing device warranties with Endpoint Insights. This new dashboard will be available in Recast Management Server and feature clickable charts and graphs which drill into the device list and warranty data.

Get a Sneak Peek!

As we develop the new Warranty Information Dashboard, we’re looking for your valuable feedback on our preliminary designs. Our 15 minute usability study is unmoderated, which means you can start it whenever you have the time and go at your own pace. Thank you for collaborating with us!

Retrieve BitLocker Keys from Configuration Manager and Entra ID

New BitLocker functionality for users who store keys in Configuration Manager or Entra ID.

Improve Speed of Right Click Tools

Use service connections to sync Recast Management Server with Configuration Manager and Active Directory data. With recurring and scheduled synchronization, Recast Actions run faster.


Improve Agent Enrollment

Currently Recast Agents must connect to the Recast Management Server to enroll. To support remote endpoints, we plan to enable Recast Agents to enroll through the Recast Agent Gateway.

New Recast Agent Management Dashboard

Monitor and manage Recast Agents within Recast Management Server. This new dashboard will feature clickable charts and graphs which drill into the list of Recast Agents on devices in your environment and their details.

Recast Management Server User Permissions

An update to the user permissions management for Recast Management Server admins. Commonly requested features being considered include the ability to copy roles, aligning permission sets with Right Click Tools, and additional documentation of preset roles.

What changes to permissions management would you like to see? Let your voice be heard!  Submit your idea or vote for existing ideas below.

Modernize Authentication

In addition to admin authentication via Active Directory in Recast Management Server, we are adding new authentication options to support organizations using alternative solutions, such as Entra ID.

Feature Requests

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