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Recast Software Webinars

We aim to educate and support the greater SysAdmin community on all things ConfigMgr and IT as much as possible, and one powerful way we do this is through endpoint management webinars.

Join engineers, Microsoft MVPs, community influencers, and more as they delve into empowering your environment at every endpoint.

Check back often to see what webinars we have on the horizon!

Recast Software 5.4: Leading the Way in Patch and IT Management

Wednesday, February 28 at 10:am CST

Join our leading product experts, including the Head of Product, Amanda Pufall-Nowak, as we delve into the recent innovations and newest features added to Recast Software 5.4. This update, driven by valuable feedback from our loyal customers and community, is designed to elevate the efficiency of the Recast Software suite. 

In this webinar, we will reveal the industry’s most extensive third-party patching catalog and showcase enhancements to our community’s beloved Right Click Tools.

Check out past webinars:

January 25th – Futureproofing Cybersecurity: Preparing Your IT Team for Evolving Threats

An insightful webinar hosted by Recast Software in collaboration with the Ponemon Institute. Together, we delve into new groundbreaking research and practical solutions for meeting and exceeding cybersecurity insurance requirements. Our IT experts then guide you through these topics, equipping you with best practices for your organization.

November 9th – Next-Gen Application Management

A hands-on insight into Recast Software’s Application Manager and an exclusive first look at Liquit’s groundbreaking technology. See how you can streamline your app management and up your patching game, all in one go. Witness firsthand Liquit’s interface and Smart Icons, simplifying app versioning, access, and permissions.

October 5th – Customer Panel: Unveiling IT Blind Spots

Watch IT experts discuss their on-the-ground reality of managing their environments and share how they reduce blind spots and security risks while also improving efficiency. They discuss overcoming challenges working with multiple tools from different vendors, revealing hidden device hardware and software information, and more!

August 24th – Navigation the Hybrid Work Security Landscape

Recast Software and Richard Campbell, a Microsoft MVP and creator of RunAs Radio explore the shift in security protocols from the pre-hybrid work era to the present day, addressing challenges encountered during the transition to a hybrid work model and examining the current state of IT. 

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