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Right Click Tools for ConfigMgr

Features, Tools & Insights Breakdown

Security & Compliance Insights

Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Software Update Deployment Status Dashboard

Run a highly-targeted scan of software update deployment compliance and take common device actions on any portion of the results.

LAPS Dashboard

Surface compliance data about the Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS). Return results in a simple, LAPS present/Not Present by device chart.

LAPS Password Viewer

View the current LAPS password and the expiration date from within the console. Retrieve from single or multi-selected devices.  

LAPS Password Expiration

Expire a LAPS password on multiple devices. Recover quickly from exposed LAPS passwords.

BitLocker Compliance Dashboard

Discover the location of your BitLocker recovery keys and ensure your devices are compliant with BitLocker policies.

BitLocker Status Tool

Show status information about BitLocker on single or multi-selected devices and take several management actions.

AD/MBAM BitLocker Key Tool

Pull the current BitLocker keys from either Active Directory or MBAM, and view immediately.

Remote Windows Security

Display the status of common Windows security tools and take action to improve your security footprint.

Remote Software Center

Grants similar functionality as the local Software Center application with the ability to be run remotely from the administrator machine and at scale on numerous devices or device collections. View and install deployed applications, programs, software updates, and run/view task sequences.

Trend Analysis

See compliance levels over time, pulled into one place and easily sharable with management. See BitLocker, LAPS, AD Cleanup and Software Updates compliance levels.

Content Distribution

Content Information Dashboard

Quickly view content tied to a specific task sequence, take action on that content, and manage the successful distribution of your task sequence content to where it needs to be.

Content Status Tool

Shows general Distribution Point (DP) information and all content currently distributed to the selected DP. Right click to check the status of content, gather troubleshooting information, jump to the file source, redistribute, remove or validate, and more.

Redistribute All Failed Content Transfers

This productivity tool makes resolving content transfer failures a single step. Running the tool will re-try any content transfer that had previously failed.

Content Distribution Monitor Dashboard

Manage and remediate content distribution failures with an overview of distribution job status for your entire environment.

Hardware & Software Insights

Hardware & Firmware Audit Dashboard

Visualize the hardware of the endpoints in your environment, including chassis type, manufacturer, and model. Plus, filter accordingly.

Environmental Health

Active Directory Cleanup Dashboard

Scan Configuration Manager and Active Directory for devices, showing results about where those devices are: in just ConfigMgr, just AD, or (properly) in both. Device actions can be taken on results.

Trend Analysis

See compliance levels over time, pulled into one place and easily sharable with management. See BitLocker, LAPS, AD Cleanup and Software Updates compliance levels.

User Tools

Reset password, unlock account, view group memberships, and more.

Quick Query

Improve the WQL query experience with larger and more complex queries, returning results quicker and allowing changes to the query statement on the fly.

Status Message Tool

View status messages in 24 different console locations.

Device Management

Client Actions

Easily accessible Client Actions, that can be run on single or multi-selected devices, plus evaluation and inventory cycle actions. Update Machine Policy, Hardware Inventory, start Software Update Scans, and more across multiple devices simultaneously.

Client Tools

Troubleshoot and manage the ConfigMgr client at scale. Manage client cache size, clear the cache, open logs, and more.

Console Tools

Productivity actions for common administrative tasks, including 19 administrative functions on single or multi-select device collections. Troubleshoot and manage Windows settings at scale. Show installed software, list services, view running processes, and more.

Device Collection Tools

All of your favorite device management tools, available to run at scale.

System Information Tool

Show many computers at the same time to get an overall idea on what's going on in your environment. Drill into hardware, drivers and more.

Client Information Tool

Shows information pulled from the ConfigMgr client directly. Drill into cache on each machine, confirm items intended for pre-cache are on the client, clean out old versions and more.

Send Notification Tool

Send a message/notification to users of one or more devices.

Purpose-Built for Enterprises

ConfigMgr Fast Channel Support

Use Right Click Tools on the ConfigMgr Fast Channel to run the tools without admin rights, remove the need for firewall ports on the devices and run actions over a Cloud Management Gateway (CMG).

Role-Based Administration

Use roles to assign permissions to users.

Centralized Control & Management

Centralize your Recast Software license management and Right Click Tools settings.

Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) Support

Run Right Click Tools actions over a CMG.

Untrusted Domain Support

Interact with Active Directory objects in untrusted domains and run all of your favorite device actions against devices in those domains.

Advanced Logging

Find out who's running Right Click Tools in your environment and what the results of those actions are.

Rest API

Build your own automation using our REST API. Includes support for untrusted domains, workgroup devices, or devices connected over CMG.


Unlimited remote support from our dedicated Customer Success team.

*Technical limitations for Community Edition: will not work on devices in untrusted domains, workgroup devices, and may be limited in the number of devices you can run against.


Shift Left


Enable your help desk team to run actions against AD and ConfigMgr from within the ServiceNow incident form, significantly increasing first call resolution.

Kiosk Management


Provision and configure devices to support common single-purpose, kiosk-style requirements. Configure Windows Unified Write Filter to create a known-good state.

Workflow Automation


In-console workflow creation suite with an accompanying execution and scheduling platform. Perform over 250 actions across dozens of categories.

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Shift Left for ServiceNow

Device Actions

Shift Left for ServiceNow

AD Bitlocker Key

Retrieve AD Bitlocker Key with creation and change date.

Deployed Applications

See if current deployed application is installed or not installed.

Group Policy Update

Initiate both machine and User Group Policy updates.

LAPS Password

Retrieve LAPS password and expiration.

Logged in Users

View console user and current logged in user on a machine.

Ping Device

Verify system is on and connected to the network.


Initiate shut down and/or restart with user communication.

User Actions

Logged in Devices

List of devices a user is currently logged into.

Reset Password

Quickly get users back up and running.

Unlock Account

Quickly get users back up and running.

Device & User Information

Current Operating System
Last Known Reboot
Machine Manufacturer and Model
OS Release ID and Service Pack
Computer Name

Controlled Access


See all user and device actions taken on corresponding incidents.

Role-based Administration

Every action has its own permission; scope it to actions relevant to your environment.

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