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Increase the capabilities of your Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) environment. 

While there has been a recent emphasis on cloud infrastructure, on-premise environments still remain highly prevalent. Our State of SysAdmin survey found Our survey found that 96% of admins were either still fully on ConfigMgr or in a co-managed state. Our full suite of solutions helps fill the gaps that IT teams face in these environment types.


Streamline third-party application patching.

Streamline and automate the entire process for packaging and deploying third-party applications and updates, enabling your IT team to focus on more crucial projects. Since Microsoft’s ConfigMgr does not provide a packaging service, managing third-party applications is then left solely the responsibility of your organization to manage, which is a slow, manual, and never-ending process. This makes third-party patching an ideal target for automation, helping you close the #1 cause of information security breaches for good.

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Improve managing user privilege. 

Eliminate the manual work and headache of managing local administrative privileges for end users by offering just-in-time self-service elevation. We provide complete automation for local group management, which can otherwise be a manual and slow process of identifying, revoking, and granting rights without the right tools. Additionally, our solution logs the purpose behind each elevation, enabling you to monitor the individuals who elevate privileges and the reasons for the elevations.

Effectively manage endpoints at scale. 

Overcome the device and user management limitations within ConfigMgr and enhance the ability to manage devices and users with easy-to-use built-in tools and interactive dashboards, enabling better and more efficient workflows. Our solution addresses the limitations, eliminating the need for custom scripts and manual workarounds. Additionally, it empowers you to create customized workflow automation that aligns with your specific requirements, ensuring a tailored solution for your environment’s unique needs.

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Increase environmental visibility.  

Stop having to manually look up or go desk to desk to find endpoint information, by gaining additional data points that ConfigMgr is not natively able to collect, such as warranty information, docking station information, and user-installed software, accompanied by a comprehensive range of advanced reports. Our reports simplify the process of locating, comprehending, and sharing essential information, alleviating the challenges often faced with ConfigMgr’s built-in reports. 

Learn more about how Recast Software’s full suite of products brings greater efficiency to on-prem ConfigMgr and co-managed environments with a product tour.  

“The Recast team have used a lot of careful thought and insight to provide specific tools that SCCM natively lacks. Purchase of these tools is a no brainer as far as this Admin is concerned.”

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  • Do you have a support site where I can view product documentation?

    Yes, you can view documentation for all our products here.

  • How many applications are in the third-party patching catalog?

    You can view the full list of our ever-growing catalog of supported applications here.

  • What if we are planning to move to a fully cloud environment? 

    We currently have two solutions that fill gaps in Intune and Azure Active Directory. Application Manager and Privilege Manager are both fully supported in cloud only environments. We are also working to bring more cloud integration to our other products. For more information check out our public roadmap.

  • Which of Recast’s solutions work in an on-prem or comanaged environment? 

    All our solutions (Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights, Application Manager, and Privilege Manager) work well in on-prem and co-managed environments. We will gladly answer any specific questions you may have about your unique environment. 

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