ConfigMgr Community Tools Webinar Series

Hear from industry thought leaders, Recast developers, Microsoft MVPs, and community members with a live Q&A section after every webinar. From WIM files to Onevinn to BIOS to Cloud Imaging, these community experts show demos and go step-by-step to assist Right Click Tools Community Users to get the most from their ConfigMgr and Right Click Tools experience! Overcome roadblocks to your productivity and achieve significantly more within ConfigMgr with Community Tools. Join us as we deep dive into several popular Community Tools, presented by their well-known creators.

Webinar Recordings

Update and Modify WIM Files for Windows Deployment Scenarios

Donna Ryan (@TheNotoriousDDR)
-Importing Media: ISOs, WIMS, LPs, FOD, etc
-Make it so! Working within the WIM Witch GUI
-Make it so, with ConfigMgr! Using WIM Witch’s CM Console Integration

Onevinn Tools: Improving End User Experiences in Task Sequences

Johan Schrewelius (@Josch62) & Jörgen Nilsson (@ccmexec)
-TSBackground: Custom background, debug, remote control, and more
-Deployment Scheduler/IPUInstaller, A new way of doing Windows Servicing
-More Onevinn Tools

BIOS and Drivers: Past and Future

Maurice Daly (@modaly_it) and David Segura (@SeguraOSD)
-Keep systems updated with drivers and BIOS
-Tools and scripts to help ease pain points
-Simplify your endpoint management, whether from deployment of BIOS & Drivers or setting up your ConfigMgr infrastructure.

Cloud Imaging Using ConfigMgr

Johan Arwidmark (@jarwidmark)
-See how you can now deploy Windows 10 onto on-premises systems without the need for any local on-premises deployment infrastructure
-You might learn a bit about setting-up your labs as well

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