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Stay up to date on Modern Endpoint Management, IT Security, Patching, and more.


Elevate your IT operations—transition from basic functionality to comprehensive enterprise management and security.

Infographic: The Cost of Internally Patching

Explore the often-overlooked costs and risks associated with in-house patch management.

Infographic: Blueprint for Cybersecurity Excellence

Discover how to strengthen your cybersecurity strategy with insights and proven tactics.

REPORT: The state of cybersecurity adoption

Discover crucial insights into cybersecurity insurance trends and strategies with Ponemon Institue’s detailed report based on survey data from 600 IT leaders.

White paper: Navigating the Cybersecurity Insurance Landscape

Navigate the cybersecurity insurance maze with help from over 600 IT leaders who have deep experience with cybersecurity insurance policies.


Transform your cybersecurity approach with our SysAdmins’ guide – fortify defenses and optimize risk management. 

Leveraging the Combined Power of Liquit and Intune white paper visual.


An essential resource for those seeking to navigate the challenges of a distributed workforce and hybrid cloud environment.

Checklist: CYBERSECURITY Assessment for it leaders

Maximize your cybersecurity readiness with our insurance assessment checklist. 

eBook: Hardware Management in a Remote World

A guide through the hardware management landscape with insights and solutions to take control of your hardware.

White Paper: How to Manage the Invisible

With expertise backed by research and real-world experience, this white paper empowers IT teams and decision-makers to grab hold of their elusive visibility goals.

eBook: Embrace Zero Trust or Face Unnecessary Risk

Peer into the risks of excessive admin rights and the necessary steps to effectively harden environments.

Infographic: Security at the Gates – Zero Trust Strategy

See how to bolster your security at the digital gates of your organization.

White Paper: State of System Administration

500 SysAdmins shared their experience and insights with us. Download the white paper to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of the SysAdmin field.

eBook: Patch Management – Reduce your Attack Footprint

Explore the perils and complexities of patch management and the best solutions to manage them.

Infographic: Unpatched 3rd Party Software Exposes Companies to Risk

Discover the complex challenges facing IT teams and best practices to patch effectively.

eBook: The Top 5 Endpoint Insights to Empower IT Teams

Explore the top 5 data points used by teams to solidify their environmental awareness.

Endpoint Insights overview

Infographic: End Manual Data Collection with Endpoint Insights

See how to gain access to powerful, actionable data.

eBook: The 10 Most Used Right Click Tools

Uncover the most used Right Click Tools as revealed by Recast’s internal data.

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