Empowering ITQuickly VisualizeEasily Manage PrivilegeEffortless PatchingEffective Change

at Every Endpoint

From reactive to proactive, inefficient to streamlined, frustrating to easy – we exist to power up your current platforms and team by providing endpoint management software solutions.
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Defend Against Vulnerabilities at Scale

The secret to any great defense is a great offense. Recast Software’s comprehensive suite of solutions gives IT teams the edge they need to take their security posture beyond alerting and monitoring.

Right Click Tools
Right Click Tools
Join thousands of the world’s largest organizations securing their environments with Right Click Tools.
Endpoints Insights
Access critical endpoint data not available natively found in ConfigMgr or other ITSMs.
Application Manager Icon
Application Manager
Manage and patch all third-party applications in your organization from one centralized location.
Privilege Manager Icon
Privilege Manager
Offers simple, secure, and centralized access rights management.


Empowering IT at Every Endpoint

Endpoint security starts with clear insight – it’s understanding the environment and its unique variables. We have worked alongside IT professionals for years and are helping to increase enterprises’ control of the devices and users with four main solutions.

"I can't imagine we would be able to work remotely 100% of the time without these tools." Information Technology SpecialistQuote from Infrastructure ManagerQuote from InvidSysAdmin quote on Remote Software Center

Quickly Visualize

Knowing what's in your environment is the first step in managing it.

Easily Manage Privilege

Gain control of administrative privilege once and for all.

Effortless Patching

Proactively manage third-party applications without the work.

Effective Change

Get the most out of your ConfigMgr or Intune platform investments.

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In every environment, there are potential vulnerabilities. Finding and addressing all of them is near impossible without the right tools. Learn why thousands of the world’s largest organizations trust Recast Software in securing their environments.

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