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  • Do your supported applications comply with enterprise-level requirements?

    Yes, Application Manager does. Contact us for more information.

  • Can you update applications published by Microsoft Intune on Company Portal?

    Yes, you can. We’re calling it Application Groups feature.

  • Does Application Manager require any server components or dedicated server to function?

    Application Manager for Configuration Manager and WSUS requires server-side Integration Client, which is usually installed on the same server that management console of the management system can be found. Application Manager for Intune does not need any software on endpoints or servers.

  • Does Application Manager require an agent or client software?

    Application Manager never requires any client software installed on endpoints.

  • Can you modify installation packages of the supported apps or add your own pre or post scripts to installations?

    If you need modifications to Supported Apps see the next question.

  • Can you import your own installation packages applications into Application Manager processes?

    Yes. There’s a custom application feature that enables you to import your own application installation packages to Application Manager and use them like other Supported Apps in Application Manager Catalog.

  • Can an MSP use Application Manager?

    Yes, we have many MSPs currently using Application Manager. You can learn more here or contact us.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Yes, we currently do offer a trial. You can contact us here.

  • How soon will new application versions be published after they are released by the software vendor?

    Updates patching critical vulnerabilities are published in a day and all updates in two days on average.

  • What platforms are Application Manager compatible with?

    Application Manager integrates with Microsoft Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft WSUS.

  • How often are additional applications supported?

    New applications are added on a monthly basis.

  • What applications are supported by Application Manager?

    You can view our growing list of support applications here.

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