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  • What are the total supported systems? 

    Privilege Manager supports Windows servers and workstations, work group computers, domain joined computers, hybrid joined computers and, Azure AD joined computers.

  • Does Privilege Manager keep a log on what the admin rights have been used for? 

    For data protection reasons, this information is not recorded. Privilege Manager’s operating logic is based on the idea that when a user knows their use of admin rights is being controlled, one way or another, the threshold for misuse is high enough. However, the administrator can check the log for when the admin rights have been activated for use.

  • Can you configure a temporary admin right for a domain ID?


  • Can you limit the temporary access rights to the user’s own device?


  • Does Privilege Manager work without internet connection?

    You can use an activation key offline, without connection to the organization’s internal network. However, a user cannot create an activation key offline, and needs to request it from the help desk, if they need it when they are offline. To run any new rules for the devices, the devices need to be connected to the organization’s internal network. You can also configure Privilege Manager to work only with internet connection.

  • Can you use Privilege Manager to manage devices linked to Azure AD?

    Yes, you can, but when doing so, you can only manage them device-specific and not in groups.

  • What does Privilege Manager require from the users’ workstations? 

    Microsoft-supported versions of the Windows operating system + NET Framework 4.x. 

  • What kind of infrastructure does Privilege Manager require?

    Privilege Manager works in Microsoft environment on Windows devices. For devices in their own Active Directory, you can use the AD’s structures to align your Privilege Manager rules. For other devices, we can create custom device-specific rules. Platform-wise, Privilege Manager requires a Microsoft Server and a Microsoft SQL Server software – and the free Express version is sufficient.

  • Do I need to have ConfigMgr to subscribe to or use Privilege Manager?

    No, ConfigMgr is not required.

  • Can we get a trial of Privilege Manager?

    At this time, we currently do not offer a trial, but you can contact us here for a demo.

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