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From reactive to proactive, inefficient to streamlined, frustrating to easy – we exist to power up your current platforms and team by providing endpoint management software solutions.

Endpoint security starts with clear insight – it’s understanding the environment and its unique variables. We have worked alongside IT professionals for years and are helping to increase enterprises’ control of the devices and users with four main solutions: 

  • Quickly Visualize – Knowing what’s in your environment is the first step in managing it
  • Easily Manage Privilege – Gain control of administrative privilege once and for all
  • Effortless Patching – Proactively manage third party applications without the work
  • Effective Change – Get the most out of your ConfigMgr/Intune and ServiceNow platform investments
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We know endpoint management software solutions.

When IT’s life is easier, everyone’s life is easier. Whether our suite of products are used to solve a calamity or an everyday task, we know that IT professionals require products that proactively improve the way endpoints are managed. That’s why we’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest organizations to get more out of Microsoft Configuration Manager.

“Many of the Enterprise features are lifesavers for us. It’s easy to justify the cost. As more features are added, it just gets more compelling.”


We’re a multi-tool for systems management.

We’ve got your endpoints covered with our suite of endpoint management software solutions. Right Click Tools Enterprise improves device security, reports patch installation, and increases compliance. Our Privileged Access Management software, Privilege Manager, helps to increase your environment’s overall security by getting a better grip on user admin rights all while increasing the productivity of the end user. Application Manager, our third-party patching solution, you can take control of the entire lifecycle of workstation applications – from installation, to updates, to uninstallation. Endpoint Insights goes deeper to reveal critical details like warranty expirations, installed hardware and software across your environment, and more. Easily get the information you need to make smarter decisions for your organization. 

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Turn your IT team into an organizational powerhouse.

We understand the gravity of security and compliance within your organization. Our endpoint management software solutions supercharge your IT team with increased visibility, faster remediation times, and more efficient workflows. Every enterprise is different and faces unique challenges. But our full suite of endpoint management tools gives you the flexibility to readily meet those demands.

“Improved Security Reporting and Compliance—hands down the best patch reporting tools I have ever seen for SCCM. I cannot overstate the value here.”


Increased security and compliance trusted by thousands of organizations globally.

Within industries ranging from education to healthcare, to governments and major corporations, we keep businesses running with shorter remediation times and more secure and compliant infrastructures using one of our endpoint management software solutions. Enterprise endpoint management with Recast Software helps them gain critical insights on endpoints across the enterprise to greatly improve overall health and future planning. We’re the extra layer that turns IT teams into organizational powerhouses. Our product experts will help you understand the information you need to make a great decision. 

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Let’s talk pricing.

You’ve done the research. Now let’s take the next step to help you uncover critical intel, reveal vulnerabilities, and quickly remediate issues with one of our endpoint management software solutions. Request a quote today to get customized pricing for your organization!