A Week of Task Sequence Tips - Day 06 - Static IP Addresses and OSD

This Tip is for those folks who don't have DHCP when they are imaging, and have to set a Static IP Address on the WinPE media, and then for the server. How about we grab the IP Address information you set in WinPE and apply that to the machine you're building?

How? Once you place that information in WinPE, we grab all those settings and populate them into Task Sequence Variables. There is an over arching variable called OSDAdapter which contains several sub variables.

  • OSDAdapter0EnableDHCP
  • OSDAdapter0IPAddressList
  • OSDAdapter0SubnetMask
  • OSDAdapter0Gateways
  • OSDAdapter0DNSDomain
  • OSDAdapter0DNSServerList
  • OSDAdapterCount

There are several more, but those are the ones you need to have set for the process to work. The process I'm using, after you input the IP Address into the WinPE IP settings, the Task Sequence grabs that information and sets all of the required variables needed for the Apply Network Step to use what you're providing.

Setting the IP Info in WinPE
Script that grabs that info from WMI and sets the required TS Variables: Grab the SCRIPT HERE
To be Fancy, you can have a front end that displays those Variables (helps to confirm) and gives you the option to add / modify.
Confirmed the variables are set by dumping the variables and reading with cmtrace.
Hey Look, the settings are applied to the Network adapter after OSD is complete!

Alright, so depending on how many NICs, which one is active, and how much you want to automate, this can get a bit tricky, but this is a good start and hopefully helps you over a hump. If you want to continue this conversation, find me on Twitter @RecastSoftware

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