Centero is now part of Recast Software.

We are excited to migrate Centero’s product offerings to our product catalog of endpoint management software solutions:

Formerly Centero Carillon

Formerly Centero Software Manager

Privilege Manager

Formally Centero Carillon, Privilege Manager is our take on a Privileged Access Manager (PAM) solution. Simple, secure, and centralized, we created this tool for organizations to experience tighter security protocols and streamlined efficiency.

Privilege Manager allows you to:

  • Increase security by limiting admin privileges across all devices
  • Reduce help desk tickets by giving users permission to install pre-approved software
  • Deploy devices faster by pushing predefined security profiles to multiple devices at once
  • Get instant reports to learn when and why admin credentials are used
  • Give your end users the access they need when they need it

Application Manager

Known before as Centero Software Manager, Application Manager is our newest tool in the Recast Software suite of tools. We believe that everyone deserves automated application updates, so Application Manager provides centralized application management, automated security updates, and effortless application deployment.

Application Manager allows you to:

  • Save time by fully automating application deployment processes across enrolled devices
  • Access a web-based management portal allowing you to select and manage applications needing to be installed or uninstalled
  • Use Application Manager within Intune, ConfigMgr, and WSUS environments
  • Eliminate end-user disruptions by sending notifications of upcoming updates and scheduling updates around their busy days
  • Provide application life-cycle management for as many environments as needed – perfect for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

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