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Hardware inventory management software is essential for any business that relies on IT equipment. By integrating Endpoint Insights, you can enrich ConfigMgr and CMDBs, allowing you to plan and budget more effectively.

Monitor Replacement Costs
Count of Docking Stations
Monitor Replacement Costs
Count of Docking Stations
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Up-to-date inventory

Getting a complete, accurate picture of your hardware environment can be a daunting and highly repetitive task. Especially with remote employees, devices changing hands, and many other constantly moving pieces, maintaining a solid inventory and planning accordingly may seem impossible. 

Now you can know what computers, monitors, and docking stations are in your current inventory, instantly and automatically. You will also see the age and warranty status of those devices, helping you reduce financial and security risks, reduce potential end user downtime, and plan accordingly on hardware updates and replacements. Automatically keeping track of hardware inventory gives you greater control over various operations and saves countless hours of work. 

“Endpoint Insights has eased capturing warranty data for our HP and Dell machines, and facilitating decisions of renewing hardware. The support provided is top tier and assisted us through any issues we had.”


Reduce manual tracking

The time and constant manual effort it takes to keep your hardware inventory accurate can be a full-time position or worse. If you aren’t able to keep up, end user downtime and out-of-warranty hardware replacement costs can become a major issue. 

Hardware inventory management with Endpoint Insights captures all that data automatically, allowing your team to spend their time on other tasks. Plus, you’ll get up-to-date user info for each device, complete with device location

Budget with confidence

Environment inventory is critical to having a budget you can stand behind. But collecting that hardware and warranty data and keeping it accurate is another matter. Too often, plans and budgets have massive blind spots and may need ample room for hardware failure surprises. 

Knowing not only what is in your environment at any moment, but also having the age and warranty information on those devices is critical to planning for future hardware needs. With Endpoint Insights hardware inventory management software, you can easily make smarter decisions and minimize risk by pinpointing which devices to replace in any given timeframe – even years in advance. 

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Endpoint Insights Features
Full visibility to what software is installed on each endpoint, including user installed and IT pushed.
Visibility to which users are using what monitors and what types of connections, data that ConfigMgr doesn’t natively collect. Determine model, serial number, size, date of manufacture, connection type, screen settings, current resolutions and more.
Understand what docking stations are installed within your environment, including docking station name and connected computers.
See browser version, .NET version, PowerShell version, recently used applications, OS dashboards, auto-start details and more.
See user details per device including who’s using what computer and details such as chassis type and computer type. See all computer-related details, including CD-ROM, hard drive per computer, memory, operating system, BitLocker management, browser objects and over 100 other data points. Auto-start software, boot details, battery health. Search for computer by MAC address.
See which users are mapped to a particular server. See server details, share, drive letter, user, free space and more.
See which users are mapped to a particular server. See printer details, server, print share name, port, user, free space, network/local printer and more.
Get both user and computer ODBC connections for x86 and x64 platforms. Determine which servers, database or driver is used to connect to these data sources. See what drivers are installed on each computer, and whether they are in use.
Find out what device a given user is using, in real-time and automated. See users currently logged on, user details, top console user details and real-time logged on details in ConfigMgr, all in one spot.
Know which users or groups exist on which devices. See who is within the local administrator group on each computer, optionally excluding well-known accounts.
Plethora of information that tells you software update status, health of your software update environment and more. If using a third-party catalog, third party updates will show up in these reports.
Understand the status of BitLocker and TPM for your devices and see the status on a collection of computers.
See whether or not there are active viruses in your environment, anti-virus signature version, engine version and client version, to name a few.
Collect warranty details for laptops, desktops, servers and virtual machines. Get normalized model, description, service level, start date, end date and deliverables.
Over 150+ vendor data is available within Endpoint Insights. The top vendors include: HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Toshiba, Ciara Technologies, Acer, Panasonic, HPE and Fujitsu.
Evaluate performance and identify potential problem spots in your ConfigMgr solution stack – Console, DB, DPs, WSUS, and Clients.
Includes native SSRS reports and dashboards which allow you to set email subscriptions to any report.
Natively extend the inventory of ConfigMgr and create all necessary options needed to run your environment.
Leveraging existing ServiceNow integration, Endpoint Insights data can be collected via ServiceNow.
Leveraging existing integration, Endpoint Insights data can be collected via ITSMs.

See how Hortonville Area School District cut 40 hours of manual work down to 5 minutes with Endpoint Insights

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