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Dedicated to fostering a strong partner network

The Liquit Partner Program is designed to help you leverage Liquit’s game-changing platform to accelerate your business and provide your customers with cutting-edge technology solutions.

Partnering with Liquit will expand your service portfolio to include comprehensive application management built for the future of modern work. As a Liquit partner, you will have access to an extensive set of tools, resources, support, and more to capitalize on Liquit’s robust capabilities and deliver better value for both current and future customers. 

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Unmatched application management solutions 

All Your Applications. One Seamless Experience. 

Liquit Workspace enables customizable application management, ensuring a consistent, streamlined user experience across any platform or device. Liquit Workspace takes care of the back-end for you, empowering teams to focus on the work that matters most. 

Efficiently handle multiple customers simultaneously.

Liquit Workspace’s multi-tenancy capabilities allow for streamlining all of your customer updates seamlessly, either with just a single click or through fully automated processes, eliminating the need for repetitive manual updates.

Faster, Simpler Deployments and Updates. 

Configuring, deploying and patching applications is a time-consuming task without the right tools. Liquit Release & Patch Management makes configuring, deploying, and updating applications fast and easy, giving IT teams the additional bandwidth they need. 

Immediate, Intelligent Application Access. 

For organizations deploying a large number of apps, managing access information can quickly become frustrating and inefficient. Liquit Access Manager is a fully integrated single sign-on solution that works fluidly with Liquit Workspace to provide simple, contextual, immediate access to applications. 

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What’s in it for you? Reliable revenue at a competitive price

Liquit’s partners gain a recurring revenue stream with ample opportunity to sell an in-demand technology. Offering Liquit’s unmatched application management capabilities helps you differentiate your business and unlock value for your customers. 

Exclusive Deal Registration

Liquit’s Partner program provides the opportunity for exclusive additional deal registration discounts, creating an even stronger value proposition. 

Technology You Can Count On 

Our platform is designed for consistent performance and a simple end-user experience, making it easy for IT teams to maintain intuitive application management at scale. 

Extensive Marketing Resources 

Take the guesswork out of marketing new solutions and leverage our robust library of go-to-market resources to aid in your sales efforts. 

Comprehensive Training and Support 

From thorough, ongoing training to enthusiastic sales support from the Liquit team, we are here to ensure your partnership with Liquit moves your business forward. 

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