Liquit is now part of Recast Software.

We are excited to migrate the Liquit platform to the Recast Software product catalog of endpoint management solutions.

Application Workspace

Formerly Liquit, Application Workspace is our cutting-edge solution for seamless application management. With a context-aware interface and Smart Icons, Application Workspace is designed to simplify, streamline, and enhance your application management processes.

Application Workspace allows you to:

  • Integrate seamlessly with Intune, Citrix, and More: Experience effortless integration with many UEMs including Microsoft Intune for comprehensive application management.
  • Access an extensive application catalog: Leverage a catalog of over 4,200 applications to meet all your organizational needs.
  • Simplify application deployment: Use Smart Icons to deploy applications contextually, ensuring the right apps are available at the right time.
  • Enhance user experience: Provide a smooth, intuitive interface for end-users, reducing complexity and increasing productivity.
  • Ensure security and compliance: Automate patch management and maintain up-to-date applications, minimizing security vulnerabilities.

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