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  • What platforms does Liquit have integrations with?

    Liquit was built for efficiency & scale and can work regardless of the technology you use. We offer a wide range of direct integrations including Citrix, SCCM, VMWARE, and more. View our full list of Liquit integrations here.

  • How do I add Liquit Workspace to Microsoft Viva?

    To add Liquit Workspace to Microsoft Viva, simply visit this site for full instructions.

  • What is Liquit Access Manager?

    Liquit Access Manager is a single sign-on solution that works seamlessly with Liquit Workspace. Learn more about Liquit Access Manager here.

  • Where can I view product documentation?

    Our release notes and technical documentation can be found at Liquit Workspace.

  • What is the Liquit Powershell Module?

    The Liquit Workspace PowerShell Module contains cmdlets based on Microsoft PowerShell for automating Liquit Workspace administration. To learn more, review our technical documentation here.

  • What is the Liquit Workspace API?

    The Liquit Workspace API allows you to integrate the content of Liquit Workspace within your Portal. The Liquit Workspace API contains JavaScript functions which allow you to communicate with the Liquit Workspace backend. To get started with the API, view our technical documentation here.

  • How can I become a Liquit partner?
  • Who are your Liquit partners or resellers and how can I contact them? 

    You can find a Liquit partner or reseller using our partner search. 

  • Is Liquit offered in the cloud or on premise?

    Liquit can be deployed in the cloud (Liquit-as-a-service) or on premise.

  • Is there a free/community version of Liquit?

    While there isn’t a free version of Liquit, we’d be happy to provide a demo and a POC if you’re interested in experiencing Liquit in action.  

  • Where can I find more information?

    Docs site, YouTube, insights (white papers/blogs/etc.) 

  • How do I request support?  

    You can access our technical documentation or request 1-1 support for Liquit by contacting our dedicated support team here.

  • Where can I download or update Liquit products? 

    You can download the latest version of Liquit directly from our support page here.

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