Privilege Manager

Privilege Manager features one-stop admin management.

Get a better grip on controlling and removing admin rights and increase the overall security of your environment. Privilege Manager gives you the power to easily update admin rights on local machines, manage passwords, generate reports and more.


User Privileges

Your helpdesk can grant users a one-time use activation code to allow the user-requested task to be completed. Or users can temporarily access admin rights through the online self-service option or a domain-based user ID.

ID Management

Take control over your device deployment by creating IDs with predefined, device or group-specific rules. Reduce user downtime thanks to your ability to fetch or update device passwords remotely.

Group Management

Streamline the creation and management of local device groups using predefined rules. You can also schedule a user’s group membership to expire after a set amount of time.


Flexibly automate reports and eliminate hassle. With reports ranging from fetched device-specific passwords to local environment security rules, Privilege Manager has you covered.

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