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Empowering IT Success: J-U-B Engineers Upgrades with Right Click Tools

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J-U-B Engineers is an engineering consulting firm spread across five states with 19 offices and 600 endpoints. The organization faced the quintessential IT challenges of many mid-size companies, including managing a broad device footprint across a distributed environment, ensuring security and compliance, and enhancing efficiency with a lean IT team.

Before Right Click Tools, IT admins at J-U-B often found themselves physically attending to computers or manually executing command-line operations. Dan Brown, a Senior IT Systems Administrator for J-U-B, described the situation to us, “I was trying to get SCCM to do what it was supposed to do. It isn’t easy to manage SCCM – to find the tools that are in there.” Managing ConfigMgr was not only time-consuming but also prevented the IT team from focusing on larger strategic projects.

Enter Right Click Tools

Right Click Tools Enterprise brought about a transformative change. Brown likened Right Click Tools to having a well-organized garage with a ready-to-use toolbox, saying, “Right Click Tools has conveniently put all the tools together and added a few others in there. Now they are in one spot, and I don’t have to go looking for them. I don’t have to run the command lines from my computer.”

“Right Click Tools has conveniently put all the tools together and added a few others in there. Now they are in one spot, and I don’t have to go looking for them. I don’t have to run the command lines from my computer.”

Dan Brown, Senior IT Systems Administrator, J-U-B Engineers

Right Click Tools empowered J-U-B to surface critical intel, quickly remediate issues, ensure compliance, enhance security, and maintain clear visibility across their devices within Microsoft ConfigMgr. The impact was clear, as the IT team saved precious time and refocused that saved energy on high-priority tasks.

Brown added, “Right Click has enabled me to move on and focus on projects like Mobile Device Management (MDM), planning for co-management, and enhancing our system by working with our security team.”

Moving from Right Click Tools Community to Enterprise

J-U-B’s transition from the Right Click Tools Community to the Enterprise edition unlocked many advanced tools. “I use Client Tools quite a bit – repairing SCCM client,” Brown stated, adding that the Remote Software Center was a real time-saver. The Console Tools and capabilities like restarting servers all at once (including virtual servers) and performing group policy updates collectively enhanced productivity.

J-U-B also found value in AD Cleanup Tools. Brown explained, “Right Click Tools shows me which computers need to be cleaned up. It really sped up that process.”

They also have plans to leverage additional Recast tools to gain additional insight into MBAM and Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS), seeing potential for heavy use there in the future.

IT success with Right Click Tools Enterprise

Co-Management and Intune: The Current State and Future Planning

J-U-B is currently testing Intune for MDM, with the aim of achieving a co-managed environment. Initially, they plan to use Intune for “road warriors” (mobile users), possibly for small desktops as well, while keeping servers within ConfigMgr.

When asked about future plans, Brown and his team are clear: their on-prem servers and PCs will continue to exist. The goal is to create a co-managed environment that is secure, efficient, and manageable with a lean IT team.

Looking Ahead

The J-U-B team is on the lookout for future enhancements to their environment using Recast Software’s suite of products. Brown and the Director of IT are closely eyeing Endpoint Insights and see great potential for a more proactive approach to endpoint management.

In the end, what stands out in J-U-B’s story is not just the efficiency and productivity gains, but the strategic advantage they’ve found in Right Click Tools. Now, IT admins like Brown can spend less time firefighting and more time pushing their IT environment—and their company—forward.

For other organizations facing similar challenges, Right Click Tools presents a tangible and tested solution. Businesses need tools that adapt to their needs. Right Click Tools, with its robust features, ease of use, and continued development, is that toolbox for modern IT teams. Let your IT heroes be heroes, with less time in the trenches and more time strategizing for the future.

Right Click Tools Upgrades IT Efficiency for J-U-B Engineers

Every business has its unique set of challenges and demands when it comes to IT and endpoint management. For J-U-B Engineers, the partnership with Recast Software and the implementation of Right Click Tools Enterprise was a game-changer. Not only did it address the time-intensive complexities of managing a distributed IT environment, but it also empowered the team to focus on strategic initiatives, paving the way for a more secure and effective digital infrastructure.

For other businesses exploring endpoint management solutions, J-U-B’s demonstrates a lean IT team capable of managing a vast, multi-state IT infrastructure successfully. With Right Click Tools, you too can streamline operations, enhance security, and ensure compliance across all your devices.

Are you ready to advance your endpoint management and free your IT team to focus more on strategy and security? Get in touch with us to learn more about how Right Click Tools can power up your IT operations and management.

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