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Removing Admin Rights Quickly, Easily, and Efficiently

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Admin rights management is a critical aspect of maintaining a secure and efficient IT environment. However, the traditional methods of removing admin rights often come with challenges, such as complex implementation and increased service desk calls. That’s where Privilege Manager comes in. Privilege Manager simplifies the process of removing admin rights, eliminates service desk calls, and enables zero trust policies without compromising enterprise workflows and operations. This post ends with a customer story that highlights the ease of implementation and updates with Privilege Manager. 

“However, the traditional methods of removing admin rights often come with challenges, such as complex implementation and increased service desk calls. That’s where Privilege Manager comes in.”

Removing Admin Rights Made Easy 

With Privilege Manager, the daunting task of removing admin rights becomes easy, quick, and efficient. We understand the importance of streamlining this process for IT teams and ensuring a hassle-free experience for end users. Privilege Manager provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the removal and management of admin rights. Read more here about how Privilege Manager compares to Microsoft LAPS. 

Stop Giving End Users Limitless Admin Rights 

Granting admin rights to end users poses significant security risks. Privilege Manager enables organizations to enforce the principle of least privilege by removing admin rights without compromising productivity. By leveraging Privilege Manager, you can prevent unauthorized changes, malicious software installations, and potential system vulnerabilities caused by excessive privileges. Safeguarding your enterprise has now become much easier and more cost-effective. 

Zero Trust Policies Made Workable 

Zero trust policies have gained traction in the cybersecurity landscape, but implementing them without hindering productivity can be challenging. Privilege Manager bridges this gap by offering a workable solution that aligns with zero trust principles. It allows organizations to granularly control user permissions and application access, ensuring only trusted actions are executed. With Privilege Manager, you can confidently implement zero trust policies and protect your critical systems and data. 

Reduce Service Desk Calls 

One of the common concerns when removing admin rights is an increase in service desk calls. IT teams often worry about end users experiencing difficulties in performing their daily tasks and flooding the service desk with support requests. Privilege Manager eliminates these concerns by providing a seamless user experience. It empowers end users to perform tasks requiring admin rights by allowing access in a straightforward and clearly defined manner. In practice, end users request limited admin access using one of a few different methods, and this optionality improves the experience for both management and end users. Controlled and user-friendly access reduces the dependency on IT support and minimizes service desk calls. All admin rights access is time-limited and well-documented. 

Customer Success Story 

One Privilege Manager customer with over 14,000 endpoints recently shared that the software has proven to be an agile solution for their admin rights management needs. Privilege Manager enables the customization of the default settings to meet their specific requirements in detail. Implementing necessary changes has been effortless, thanks to the intuitive interface and product flexibility. They have experienced trouble-free implementation and updates, providing them with peace of mind and enabling more time to focus on the core business objectives. 

Privilege Manager: the privileged access management solution you've been looking for.

Increase security, improve user productivity, decrease service desk tickets, and deploy equiptment faster all with Privilege Manager.

Conclusion: Removing Admin Rights Quickly, Easily, and Efficiently

Removing admin rights doesn’t have to be a complex and expensive process that leads to increased service desk calls. Privilege Manager makes the task easy, quick, and efficient. By adopting Privilege Manager, you can strengthen your enterprise security, enforce zero trust policies, and empower end users without compromising productivity. Streamline your admin rights management and join the growing number of organizations that have found success with Privilege Manager

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