Amplify the capabilities of your Intune or Azure AD environment.  

Recast Software offers supplementary tools for Intune and Azure Active Directory, like focusing on third-party patching for devices and privileged access management for users. These tools effectively address some of the feature limitations within Intune and Azure Active Directory.


Facilitate Privileged Access Management with ease.

Regardless of the method employed, the task of identifying, removing, and granting admin rights can be time-consuming, manual, and a large burden for any IT team. However, with our solution, you can automate the process of detecting and eliminating unnecessary local admin rights while effortlessly and securely providing end-users several options for elevation. Our solution is designed to be user-friendly during setup and management, and it offers a more cost-effective alternative to Microsoft’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution for AzureAD.

Simplify application management and third-party patching.

The management of third-party patching encompasses various manual tasks, such as monitoring vendors for application patches, testing, packaging, and then deploying patches. This entire process can be highly inefficient and exposes organizations to risks when patches are not applied promptly. To address these challenges, our solution offers a comprehensive application management tool specifically designed for your Intune environment. With our tool, the entire process, from packaging to deployment, is automated, resulting in significant time savings for your staff and improved environmental security. Moreover, you retain complete control over the deployment and installation of your applications, including the ability to set maintenance windows, schedule deployments, and utilize custom application uploads, among numerous other customization options.  

“I turned into a big fan and use it on a day-to-day basis.”

Help Desk Manager


  • Do you have a support site where I can view product documentation?

    Yes, you can view documentation for all our products here.

  • How many applications are in the third-party patching catalog? 

    You can view the full list of our ever-growing catalog of supported applications here.

  • Are there plans to bring more solutions/functionality to the cloud space in the future?

    Yes, you can check out our plans on our Product Roadmap, or if you have specific questions feel free to reach connect with us.

  • Do you also offer products for on-prem or co-managed environments? 

    Absolutely, we provide a full suite of solutions that help you more efficiently manage your on-prem and comanaged environments, check out the full list here

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