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Explore our past webinars and videos to help you stay up to date on Configuration Manager, Systems Management, Right Click Tools, and more. Join engineers, Microsoft MVPs, community influencers, and more as they discuss how to empower your environment at every endpoint.

Latest Videos

Next-Gen Application Management

A hands-on insight into Recast Software’s Application Manager and an exclusive first look at Liquit’s groundbreaking technology. See how you can streamline your app management and up your patching game, all in one go.

Unleashing the Power of Endpoint Insights: Success Stories and Live Demo

Watch IT experts discuss their on-the-ground reality of managing their environments and share how they reduce blind spots and security risks while also improving efficiency.

Navigation the Hybrid Work Security Landscape

Recast Software and Richard Campbell, a Microsoft MVP and creator of RunAs Radio explore the shift in security protocols from the pre-hybrid work era to the present day, addressing challenges encountered during the transition to a hybrid work model and examining the current state of IT. 

General Videos

How to Decrease Security Vulnerabilities and Protect Your Environment

Juha Haapsaari and Kimmo Pitkanen dig into the top security threats SysAdmins face when handling privilege management and third-party application patching. You’ll learn tips on how to mitigate these threats from the start.

How to Increase Device Visibility and Take Effective Action

Having a hard time getting visibility into all of the devices in your environment? In the second installment of our two-part series, Hannu Laitinen and Jani Eloranta show you how to quickly find and resolve issues through powerful reporting capabilities and actionable dashboards.

5.0 Release Overview

See Right Click Tools 5.0 and the improved reporting of Recast Management Server dashboards. Also get a preview of Application Manager, our third-party patching tool, and Privilege Manager, our PAM solution.

Skill up with Recast Academy

Take a look at Recast Software’s newly launched Recast Academy, a learning platform for Enterprise customers to train on our software’s features.

2023 State of System Administration

Watch CEO Will Teevan and Content Marketing Manager Matt Wieland of Recast Software as they discuss the current state of system administration based on a recent survey conducted on 500 System Administrators across multiple industries around the globe.

Right Click Tools Videos

Software Updates

Learn how to quickly discover the status of all your in-network devices, as well as how to take actions on those that need updates applied to them.

Automation in Action

Make life easier with our suite of customized actions that can automate endless combinations of tasks.

Device Insights Dashboards

Learn how to pull in that hard-to-find device information by using the Hardware + Firmware and Endpoint Insights dashboards.

Security & Compliance Dashboards

See how the Active Directory, LAPS, and BitLocker dashboards can help improve your organization’s Security and Compliance.

Active Directory Cleanup

Results show devices appearing in SCCM, AD, or both. Inactive devices can be removed from AD or SCCM directly.

Security & Compliance Dashboards

Run a scan of software update deployment compliance, returning results of compliant devices and non-compliant devices by update.

Hardware & Firmware Audit

Visualize the hardware of the endpoints in your environment. See chassis type, manufacturer, model and more, and filter accordingly.

Security & Compliance Dashboards

Shows LAPS compliance for all devices in the environment. LAPS passwords can be reset and given set expiration dates.

Bitlocker Compliance

Looks at all devices that are encrypted through a report. Non-compliant devices can be remediated.

Deploy Single-Purpose Kiosk Devices with ConfigMgr

Learn how to set up single-purpose devices with ConfigMgr, using Right Click Tools’ Kiosk Manager. Also includes a look at other features.

Proxy and Agents Webinar

See step-by-step how to solve common problems using the Recast Proxy and Recast Agent.

Full Tour of Right Click Tools Enterprise

Presented by Recast engineers, get a full tour of the Right Click Tools Enterprise tool suite.

Right Click Tools on ConfigMgr Fast Channel

Learn why you should use Right Click Tools on the ConfigMgr Fast Channel.

Right Click Tools and Endpoint Insights Case Study

The native visibility within endpoint management systems is limited. See why over 69,000 Systems Administrators use Recast Software’s tools to access real-time data for smarter decisions on compliance, security, and asset management.

Endpoint Insights Videos

Unleashing the Power of Endpoint Insights: Success Stories and Live Demo

We delve into the common challenges faced by IT professionals in the dynamic IT landscape and discover a transformative solution that revolutionizes the data collection process.

Endpoint Insights Hidden Gems

Take a look at some of Garth Jones’ favorite Endpoint Insights hidden features. Garth is the Architect of Endpoint Insights.

Beyond the Reports

Learn how to use the variety of different data that Endpoint Insights adds to the ConfigMgr database.

Better Together: Right Click Tools + Endpoint Insights

A look at how Endpoint Insights and Right Click Tools can be used together to keep your ConfigMgr environment running smoothly.

Seamless Device Refreshes

Learn how Endpoint Insights can assist with the difficult side of refreshing a user’s hardware.

Inventory Management for Admins

Reveal what is in your environment, including user installed software, warranty info, connected monitors, and more!

Endpoint Insights (walk through)

Gain access to new data that you’ve never had before – insights on databases, monitors, warranty information, and more!

Endpoint Insights Case Study

In under 5 minutes, see how Endpoint Insights can solve common issues experienced when swapping out a computer.

Endpoint Insights & Right Click Tools Use Case

See why over Systems Administrators all over the world use Recast Software’s tools to access real-time data for smarter decisions on compliance, security, and asset management.

Privilege Manager Videos

Patch Management: Best Practices and Why It’s Important

Watch security expert, Sami Laiho, in this informative session that sheds light on the importance of automating third-party patching.

Zero Trust with Sami Laiho

Listen in on Sami Laiho as he discusses what privileged access management means and provides tips on how to move closer to a zero-trust environment. Plus, get a look into Recast Software’s new PAM solution, Privilege Manager.

Customer Story- Managed Service Provider – Enfo

Learn how managed service provider Enfo enhances their end customer experience utilizing Recast Software’s Privilege Manager.

Application Manager Videos

Application Manager Product Tour

Take a quick look at how Recast Software’s Application Manager can help you automate third-application patching in ConfigMgr, Intune, and WSUS.

Automated Updates are within Reach

See how Application Manager can help you streamline your patching efforts to ensure timely and automated patch development, enhance vulnerability management, and improve environment stability and performance.

Customer Story- Managed Service Provider – Enfo

Learn how managed service provider Enfo utilizes Recast Software’s Application Manager to bring automated third-party application patching to their customers.

Video Testimonials

Hortonville Area School District- Endpoint Insights Customer

The Information Systems Manager for Hortonville Area School District shares his experience with Endpoint Insights.

Slinger School District – Right Click Tools Enterprise Customer

Patrick Armstrong uses Right Click Tools to improve the help desk experience and synchronize data in Active Directory and Configuration Manager.

Renewable Energy Systems- Right Click Tools Enterprise Customer

A SysAdmin for Renewable Energy Systems shares his history with Right Click Tools and its clear benefits.

T. Rowe Price – Right Click Tools Enterprise Customer

Sr. SCCM Admin Avi of T. Rowe Price explains why his team utilizes the Enterprise edition of Right Click Tools.

Recast Software User Testimonials

A compilation of favorite tools and actions shared by Right Click Tools users.

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