Improving Compliance and Asset visibility for Education IT departments.

Simplify asset tracking and management, achieve compliance, automate software updates, and manage admin rights with Endpoint Insights, Right Click Tools, Application Manager, and Privilege Manager. Perfect for schools and higher ed institutions.

Love & trusted by hundreds of different educational organizations.

Instantly visualize the hardware and software within Your environment

Endpoint Insights is the perfect solution for education IT departments looking to streamline their asset tracking. With its powerful reporting capabilities, administrators can easily track their devices and obtain valuable information about each device, such as warranty status, without needing to conduct manual inventory checks across various computer labs on different campuses or districts. This enables them to plan more accurately for device refreshes and ensure they have a reliable inventory of hardware assets.

In addition, Endpoint Insights provides users with the ability to promptly assess the warranty status of all end user devices, allowing for faster warranty lookups without the need for serial numbers or visits to the manufacturer’s website. By obtaining device warranty information quickly, administrators can now plan more accurately for device refreshes and ensure they have a reliable inventory of hardware assets.

Increase efficiencies within systems management

Right Click Tools is an essential solution for Education IT departments looking to achieve and maintain their mandated security compliance goals. With real-time information on software update deployments and BitLocker or LAPS enabled devices, administrators can easily track their compliance levels and make necessary changes.

Plus, Right Click Tools offers kiosk management capabilities, eliminating the need for SysAdmins to go from device to device or lab to lab to enable Kiosk mode. With just a few clicks, Right Click Tools enables SysAdmins to deploy kiosk mode and save countless hours of manual labor. 

Simplify and Centralize Third-Party Patching and Application Management

When higher Ed implements Application Manager, the manual processes involved in updating third party software across all campuses, labs, and buildings is almost removed instantly. SysAdmins no longer need  to manually monitor software vendors for updates, before packaging, testing, and deploying those updates to all devices, which saves valuable time and resources.

 With Application Manager, it is a set it and forget tool which significantly reduces the vulnerability footprint caused by unpatched software on an entire environment. This automated approach to third-party patching provides a more efficient and streamlined process for keeping software up to date, improving security, and reducing the workload on IT teams.

Maximize Efficiency without Compromising Zero Trust Policies

Privilege Manager is a powerful privileged access management (PAM) tool for education IT departments to manage and monitor admin rights on local machines. This software allows SysAdmins to quickly identify which users have admin rights and then remove those rights as needed. Once admin rights have been removed, the end user can easily request permission to perform specific tasks, without sacrificing their experience.

 By removing unnecessary admin rights, Privilege Manager improves the overall security and zero trust posture of the institution, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and other security threats. This proactive approach to managing admin rights enables SysAdmins to maintain a secure and efficient IT environment while providing end users with a seamless experience.

Hear for yourself

Don’t just take it from us. Hear directly from our customers that work in the educational space and how they were able to use Endpoint Insights to get accurate counts to identify upgrades needed within their environment. Saving them massive amounts of time and money.

“The software paid for itself almost immediately.”

Ben Dumke

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