Stay Ahead, Stay Secure: Unlock the Largest Third-Party Patching Catalog with Recast Software 5.4

Recast Software’s 5.4 release is now available for download! This release includes new features, enhanced performance, and bug fixes. In this release you will find new functionality across Right Click Tools, Application Manager, and Recast Management Server, plus an expanded application catalog of over 2000+ apps. Scroll to learn more!  

Enterprise Customers: Log in to your Portal account to download and install the latest version. For instructions on updating to this version, see our articles on upgrading Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights and Privilege Manager. To upgrade to the new Application Manager for MECM with Recast Management Server, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to start your transition process.  

New Features and Enhancements

Application Manager a Recast Software product logo.

Application Manager for MECM is now integrated into Recast Management Server, and it includes a massive catalog to boot!   

We continually strive to enhance our integrated solutions for a better user experience. With this release we are extremely excited to announce that Application Manager for MECM is now integrated into the Recast Management Server! This means that you can now manage your third-party applications right from the same interface that you can use to manage Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights, and Privilege Manager.  

Along with the integration into Recast Management Server, Application Manager also sees a massive increase in the number of supported applications. This new version brings our catalog to over 2,000 applications! If you are currently using Application Manager, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to find out how you can transition to this new version integrated with Recast Management Server.  

Right Click Tools logo

Enhancements for Notifications

Right Click Tools users can send customized toast notifications to their endpoints via the Send Notification tool. These custom notifications are often used to keep end-users informed on everything from outages to upcoming required updates. This release brings improvements to those notifications. The title field for notifications is now fully customizable. Previously this was a default value and unchangeable. This customization should make your notification more impactful and easier for the end-user to understand.  

Maintenance Window Insights in Show Collections – Advanced 

Coming from a feature request, we have added some additional data to the Show Collections – Advanced tool. This tool will now display whether a maintenance window is enabled for the collection.  

Kiosk Manager Improvements

Kiosk Manager, our kiosk/ single-use-device management tool included with Right Click Tools Enterprise, received some new capabilities and usability enhancements. To facilitate a more user-friendly flow of managing kiosk profiles, we have modified the behavior of the Manage Profiles page when you finish modifying a profile. Now when you finish a profile, the Manage Profiles page will remain open so that you can more quickly and easily move on to editing more profile if needed. The profiles listed in the page will now also be listed alphabetically to make things easier to find.  

You will find a few new options to take advantage of within profile setup as well. You can now disable the delete key, which also applies to the delete key that can be found in the number pad. Additionally, a 64-bit version of Google Chrome has been added for use when adding a Shell Replacement.  

Recast Management Server

Recast Agent Page Customization

Our tools are designed with a focus on usability and customization, continually evolving to be more user-friendly and tailored to your needs. With this release, you can now customize how many Recast Agents are displayed per page. Choose from 10, 25, 50, or 100 Agents per pageview. You can now configure this page to your liking.  

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For instructions on updating your software version, see our articles on upgrading Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights, and Privilege Manager. All release notes can be found here.

Enterprise Customers: Login to your Portal account to download and install the latest version.
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