Microsoft Configuration Manager Made Easy

Finding and addressing potential vulnerabilities within your environment is no easy task – and it’s nearly impossible without the right tools. Now, thanks to Right Click Tools, SysAdmins have them.

Right Click Tools integrates directly with your Microsoft Configuration Manager environment to significantly extend your abilities, helping you find and eliminate vulnerabilities much more effectively. These tools are utilized through easy-to-use dashboards, which help you:

  • Take control of your updates by finding and installing patch updates for every connected device
  • Make encryption easier than ever by instantly checking the encryption status of all devices and updating non-compliant devices right away
  • Discover and address gaps immediately by reviewing and remediating all devices in Active Directory and/or MEMCM from one dashboard
  • Ensure LAPS compliance by viewing LAPS status and deploying across all applicable devices
  • And more!

Why You Need Right Click Tools

The four best reasons to use Right Click Tools Enterprise are the four major dashboards it provides you access to. Each of these dashboards gives you a critical new way to manage your system better. Here’s how each one works and how it will help you:

Software Update Deployment Status (SUDS) Dashboard

What it does: Runs highly targeted scans of software update deployment compliance status of each endpoint and gives you the ability to perform right click actions on every scanned device.

How it helps: Take control of your system’s updates by making sure every device has the patches it needs from one convenient dashboard.

Case Study: A large financial company only maintained a patch compliance of 85%. Within six months of using the SUDS dashboard, however, the company was able to increase patch compliance to over 98% and save hundreds of man-hours.

Active Directory Cleanup Dashboard

What it does: Shows you where you have devices in Active Directory, MEMCM, or both, and allows you to review device compliance status and remediate problems with right click actions.

How it helps: Discover and address management gaps by reviewing and remediating across both Active Directory and MEMCM.

Case Study: A healthcare company was vulnerable to breaches because they lacked security visibility or a standardized remediation process. The Active Directory Cleanup dashboard helped them standardize their security process and eliminate vulnerabilities.

BitLocker Compliance Dashboard

What it does: Displays the BitLocker encryption status of all devices and allows you to quickly address compliance issues on any endpoint device.

How it helps: Make encryption simpler than ever by checking your dashboard and updating non-compliant devices with a few clicks. Users report improved encryption compliance to levels above 97%.

Case Study: An engineering company with 14,000 endpoints required improved security to protect intellectual property. The BitLocker Compliance Dashboard helped them maintain 97.5% BitLocker compliance, significantly lowering their user risk and vulnerability scores.

LAPS Dashboard

What it does: Reports on every device with and without stored passwords in LAPS, as well as each device’s LAPS client install state. Allows you to grab, expire, and reset, or deploy LAPS passwords immediately.

How it helps: Make total LAPS compliance only a click away by granting you the ability to quickly manage all LAPS passwords across devices.

Case Study: A client in the entertainment industry could only maintain LAPS compliance of around 70%. Within six months of acquiring the LAPS compliance dashboard, however, the client improved LAPS compliance to 99%.

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