Right Click Tools Client: Community Tools

This Post covers the automated deployment of the Recast Right Click tools Community version.  Using the Script provided, and leveraging the ConfigMgr App Model, you'll be able to:

  • Install the Recast Right Click Tools MSI
  • Copy 3rd Party Tools (PsExec / Explorer++) locally
  • Copy a Pre-Created configuration.xml file into each profile
  • Modify a current configuration.xml file in each profile
  • Log install process

Completed Source Folder:

Creating the configuration.xml file for your source.
Install the Recast Right Click Tools on one machine, and open the configuration tool:

Configure all the settings you want as your default settings, then copy it to your source file.

You can grab the script HERE & and the Logo below:

Now that you have your Source Files, lets create the Application

Fill in the Name and as much / little info as you want

The Icon is available in the download link above.

Use the Script Installer

Install: Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File “Install_RecastRCT.ps1”
Uninstall: msiexec /x RecastRCT_FILENAME.MSI /qn (You could script this as well)

Detection is the MSI… just browse for the MSI and it will populate for you

And now it’s Deployed and in Software Center:

When installing, you can monitor with the custom log file C:\programdata\Recast Software\RecastRCT_AppModel_Install.log

See exactly what the Script does.

Now that you have an easy way to deploy the Right Click Tools along with managed settings, go out and use the tools.  Check back soon for a post on Supersedence, a way to keep the tools updated on all your endpoints.