5 Ways Right Click Tools Save Organizational Resources

1: Troubleshooting

When task sequences and other areas of SCCM fail, it can put a serious time strain on productivity across the organization.  Not only is IT productivity stalled while logs and other potential causes are explored, but anyone waiting for a new computer, tech support ticket, or new image has their productivity hamstrung as well.  RCT Enterprise’s Status Message Tools let admins jump directly to the causes of trouble in 21 different places around the console, so that they can address issues at an increased rate., saving the organization’s resources.

2: Automation

SCCM is one of the largest and most complicated product Microsoft sells, and is used by an organization’s best, brightest, and most experienced (and expensive!) IT resources.  Significant organizational resources can be saved by giving these highly skilled professionals the tools they need to offload and automate complex, repetitive, and challenging tasks.  RCT Builder allows the creation of custom organizational automation tools on a grand scale, leaving the most skilled IT resources more time to better manage the constant forward march of technology and potential security threats.

3: Help Desk Enablement

RCT Enterprise reduces the skill and knowledge barrier to many common tasks in SCCM, and with its robust Role Based Administration model, enables organizations to safely offload SCCM tasks to those with less experience.  This makes the organization more effective at IT administration and helps foster employee growth.

4: Proactive over Reactive

RCT Enterprise includes several tools designed to help admins become more proactive in their systems management, stopping problems before they occur:The Content Information dashboard gives a clearer picture into the process of managing, updating, and deploying content, letting admins keep task sequence content fresh, thereby reducing update time with the end user.RCT Security Dashboards allow admins to surface, refine, and act on compliance data for Active Directory vs. SCCM devices, BitLocker and LAPS, and Software Update Deployments.RCT Querying allows for bigger, more complex queries (without console crashes), with results that can be refined and acted upon immediately.

5: End User Self Help

StateLocker, part of the Lab Management Suite, enables end users to self-help when they experience tech support trouble—simply restarting their machines to return the computer to a healthy and updated state.  This allows IT to reduce tech support tickets in areas where they are most likely to cause the most organizational disruption, without forcing IT to create new device management procedures or deploy a host of group policy changes.

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