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Unbound Application Lifecycle Management: Recast Software + Liquit 

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The link between application management and endpoint security is now primary. When Recast Software joined forces with Liquit, we’re not just combining two platforms—we’re redefining the future of secure IT environments. 

Systems Administrators and IT Directors are under constant pressure to manage an ever-growing inventory of applications across multiple operating systems while also ensuring robust cybersecurity measures. It’s not just about managing apps; it’s about elevating application management to positively impact your entire IT ecosystem. Recast Software’s recent acquisition of Liquit moves us closer to that ideal than ever before. We’re creating a new blueprint for how application management can be both streamlined and expansive, covering every major use case across all environments. 

Simplifying the Complex

Anyone working in IT knows that complexity is the enemy of efficiency. A primary focus of this partnership is to simplify your application management process, ensuring a smoother operational workflow. 

It’s time to move beyond the rhetoric of “doing more with less” to actually making it happen. Imagine having a content-aware interface that understands user roles, access levels, and even the device they are using. This makes granting permissions or determining application versions not just easier but also far more secure. 

Application Lifecycle Management without Boundaries 

IT environments are no longer confined to a single location, device, or operating system. We live in a work-from-anywhere culture that demands agility and adaptability. This inherently poses a challenge: How do organizations manage applications in such a fluid, borderless ecosystem? 

The answer lies in boundless application management. 

Imagine a scenario where your IT solution intuitively understands the nuances of each user’s requirements, whether they are using Windows in the office or macOS at a coffee shop. Now extrapolate that to include not just multiple users but also various departments, each with its own unique set of applications and compliance regulations. When we talk about application management without boundaries, we are not just referring to an IT system that is universally accessible; we are talking about one that is universally adaptable. This approach isn’t confined to where your apps can go; it’s about where your apps need to be. It prioritizes agility over rigidity, contextual intelligence over one-size-fits-all solutions, and anticipates needs even before they arise. 

As the lines between the many unique work environments continue to blur, our focus remains clear: provide an application management solution that knows no boundaries, so you can focus on what matters—delivering exceptional value to your organization. 

application lifecycle management with Liquit and Recast Software

Case in Point: Liquit Automates Application Management for Dagelijks Leven Healthcare

Dagelijks Leven, a Dutch healthcare organization, faced a bottleneck in IT management. With a workforce of over 2,500 employees across 75 homes, their 3-person IT team struggled to efficiently deploy, maintain, and update applications and devices. Manual on-premises installation of a standard Microsoft image alone took half an hour per employee.

To streamline operations, Dagelijks Leven adopted Liquit Workspace, which delivers fully automated application access and functionality from the cloud. The impact was immediate:

  • 100% Time Saved Through Automation: The installation of new devices at new locations became fully automated.
  • Two Hours Saved Per Device Setup: This efficiency gain was particularly crucial given the organization’s rapid growth.
  • Improved Security: The use of only managed devices enhanced the organization’s security posture.

Ingrid ten Napel, Process and Information Manager at Dagelijks Leven, emphasized that without Liquit Workspace, they would have needed to hire more staff to manage their fast-growing operations.

For SysAdmins and IT Directors in healthcare, this case study highlights how Liquit can be a game-changer in automating application management, thereby freeing up IT resources and enhancing security.

Read more case studies here.

Elevating Third-Party Patching 

With a backdrop of escalating cybersecurity threats, the role of patch management—especially third-party patching—can’t be overstated. Often, Systems Administrators and IT Directors find themselves in a Catch-22 situation. On one hand, frequent and complex software updates are essential for maintaining system integrity. On the other, managing these updates can be a logistical nightmare, requiring specialized skills and extensive time investment. 

How can you possibly manage? 

The key is automation paired with intelligence. In essence, it’s about creating a dynamic system that not only identifies the need for a patch but also understands the priority and implications of each update. By automating this multi-faceted approach to third-party patching, we free up valuable IT resources while significantly boosting your cybersecurity posture. 

Application Manager product icon

Patch your apps on the go.

Select and manage applications from a web-based portal with Application Manager.

Strategic Alliances Amplify Reach 

Collaboration amplifies effectiveness. Our strategic alliances with industry heavyweights like Citrix, VMware, and other international endpoint management leaders add another layer of reliability and reach to our platform. By standing on the shoulders of giants, we’re able to offer solutions that are not just cutting-edge but also tried, tested, and trusted. 

Future-Proofing Your Application Lifecycle Management

The combination of Recast Software and Liquit is a paradigm shift in how we perceive application management. We’re not just offering tools; we’re offering solutions that evolve with your needs, driven by a relentless focus on innovation. As we move forward, our commitment to offering an unparalleled suite of tools to manage and secure your IT operations remains stronger than ever. 

Learn more about Liquit and Application Manager or reach out to our team to discuss how Recast Software can help you automate and secure your application management.

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