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MMS Jazz Recap Through the Eyes of Recast Software

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What is MMS Jazz?  Its known as the Midwest Management Summit and the creators describe it as:

Jazz Edition is the 2nd edition of MMS in 2019. This edition runs just 3 days instead of 4 and will be held in New Orleans instead of Minneapolis. If you couldn’t make our May event, this will fit the bill. If you’re considering other conferences, this is certainly the most technical you’ll see.

This slightly smaller MMS event maintains most of the great things that makes MMS special:

  • Sessions with 2 or more speakers
  • Extremely long Q&A for every session
  • Evening beer sessions where we take the last session easy after a long day
  • Smaller rooms and overall size to make sure you can get your questions in
  • Same great speakers from previous MMS events

A few Recast Engineers were there, including Chris, Bryan, Mark along with Gary (Me, the blogger) and Chelsea (the marketing person who keeps us out of trouble, or at least tries to).  We setup our booth and had some great stickers and fun socks for those attendees who meandered over to chat with us for a bit. The last day of the conference, Wednesday, we had our sponsor session with great turnout, and several folks stayed late to talk with the dev team.

While at the conference, Bryan, Mark and Gary had several sessions:

Besides their speaking engagements, they were all available for “Jam Sessions” where attendees could schedule blocks of time with them and get help with issues or pick their brains.

It was a pretty busy week for all, we also had the privilege of scheduling some meals with a few Recast Enterprise customers, learning more about their environments, and if they had any challenges that our tools could assist them with.

We received great feedback, and lots of feature requests ideas, many of which are out on the feature request page.

Why does Recast attend and sponsor MMS? We find great value in this community and want to give back as much as we can.  We encourage our devs to present on their areas of expertise and to be active and present in the [Configuration Manager / Endpoint Manager] community. We had the opportunity to meet several customers and hear from community users. We provide a great set of Right Click tools in the Community edition (and even better tools in the Enterprise edition!) and encourage anyone to give them a try.  We want you to be successful.

MMS also provides insights directly from Microsoft to where their endpoint management strategy is going, and we want to partner with them in enabling admins to better manage their endpoints.

Ways to follow MMS: @mmsmoa on twitter, check out their YouTube Channel, and check out the website:

So until May [MMSMOA], see you on Twitter!  Mark Godfrey: @Geodesicz | Bryan Dam: @bdam555 |  Chris Muster: @mustercj | Gary Blok: @gwblok

Now for some pictures from the week…  enjoy!

From the Recast Session
From the Recast Session
Post Session, asking questions or waiting to get selfies with Bryan?
Post Session, asking questions or waiting to get selfies with Bryan?
The Recast Software booth at MMS Jazz
The Recast Booth… where socks happen
Bryan Dam, or resident Onesie expert posing for the MMS social media guru.
Bryan Dam, or resident Onesie expert posing for the MMS social media guru.
MVP Doug Wilson sporting the Recast Software Socks
MVP Doug Wilson sporting the Recast Software Socks
Recast Software swag
David Segura [OSD Builder creator] showing off his larger than life water bottle hosting several of the Recast stickers