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Ivanti Workspace Control End of Life: Discover Your Next Steps with Liquit

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Ivanti has announced that by the end of 2026, Ivanti Workspace Control will reach its End of Life (EOL). This might leave you wondering, “What’s next? Are there any viable alternatives?” Enter Liquit Workspace.

This post explores why Liquit Workspace is the best alternative to Ivanti Workspace Control and Ivanti Automation. Let’s dive in.

There are a few solutions on the market that could serve as potential alternatives to Ivanti Workspace Control. Most of these alternatives are User Environment Manager solutions, which is precisely where Liquit Workspace differentiates itself. We’re not your typical User Environment Manager solution. Instead, we offer a unique approach that sets us apart in the crowded field of digital workspace solutions. 

Liquit Workspace rethinks the way organizations manage and deliver digital workspaces to their users. Organizations can dynamically offer and manage applications to their users or devices, based on context if needed. We know that digital environments are a complex mix of different workspaces, SaaS, clouds, virtualization platforms (VDI / SBC), and operating systems. Liquit Workspace stands out as a comprehensive solution in managing diverse digital environments.

Redefining End-User Computing after Ivanti Workspace Control End of Life

Many organizations today are questioning the necessity of a traditional UEM solution. With a significant shift towards hybrid workplaces for many organizations, the reliance on laptops and portal-provided applications is increasing.

However, virtual environments like Citrix or VMware remain essential due to legacy applications that require specific infrastructure and are sensitive to latency. This justifies their continued use. End-user computing (EUC) has evolved beyond just virtual desktops; now, managing apps and endpoints is increasingly important. Liquit Workspace is perfectly suited for the hybrid workplace for several reasons:

  • Unified User Experience: Liquit Workspace ensures a consistent, customizable user experience across all devices. This is vital for hybrid work models where employees may use different devices in various locations.
  • Efficient Application Management: Liquit Workspace guarantees that users automatically receive the latest version of the applications they need, delivered in the way they prefer. This is particularly useful in a hybrid work environment where employees may need different applications formats depending on their location.
  • Self-Servicing: Liquit Workspace allows users to access what they need from an easily accessible catalog of applications and services. This is crucial for hybrid working, where IT support might not always be readily available.
  • Offline Access: Liquit Workspace provides local access without an internet connection, which can be beneficial for remote workers who may not have a reliable internet connection.
  • Just in Time Delivery: Liquit Workspace quickly delivers the right applications and settings to the right users or devices, no matter where they are.
  • Safe & Compliant: Liquit Workspace ensures a secure and compliant environment for delivering applications and services while empowering end-users with maximum freedom within IT boundaries. Through customizable access controls and policy enforcement, Liquit Workspace enables IT administrators to maintain regulatory compliance while offering users the flexibility they need to be productive.

Utilizing Liquit Workspace allows teams to embrace seamless, efficient, and user-centric approaches to managing the hybrid workspace.

Addressing Challenges Following the End of Life of Ivanti Workspace Control

Let’s be honest, there are also some downsides. Just like the other alternatives, we face similar “challenges.” The first challenge is the inevitable migration. No matter which alternative is chosen, migration cannot be avoided. Therefore, it’s crucial to account for time, resources, knowledge, and expertise for both Ivanti Workspace Control and the newly selected alternative.

Secondly, no alternative on the market currently offers the complete functionality that Ivanti Workspace Control provides. This factor must be considered when making a choice and determining which functionality is most critical or important.

Reflecting on Ivanti Workspace Control’s Impact Before Its End of Life

Remember when RES Software was the go-to for IT pros? Those were the times when Ivanti Workspace Control and Ivanti Automation became our best friends, especially in Citrix virtual environments. They were the dynamic duo, always seen together, making our jobs easier. I personally worked a lot with both solutions, and I fell in love with it. And I know I wasn’t the only one; many of my IT peers felt the same way. The ease and convenience they brought to managing a Citrix environment were significant. We were able to create a lot of Golden Images with Ivanti Automation, all without breaking a sweat.

The beauty of Ivanti Workspace Control is its simplicity and the ability to manage everything from a single console, the flexibility it offers, and the ability to set just-in-time user settings—a dream come true for any IT admin. And now, Liquit is stepping up, offering that same simplicity and charm.

Liquit’s Advantages in the Post-Ivanti Workspace Control Era

Liquit can take care of a significant portion of the functionalities that Ivanti Workspace Control and Ivanti Automation have long provided. Liquit Workspace introduces new dimensions of control and automation that cater to the dynamic needs of today’s environments. Several new dimensions of control and automation that Liquit brings to the table include:

  • Universal Agent: One agent to rule them all. The Liquit Universal Agent unifies Windows and macOS management. With the Universal Agent, the IT department can simultaneously oversee all macOS and Windows applications. Meanwhile, end-users experience smooth and uninterrupted access to their applications.
  • Connectors: These connectors help manage applications across different platforms such as VMware Horizon, Citrix StoreFront, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Store, and many more.
  • Smart Icons: Liquit’s Smart Icon technology streamlines the deployment of applications across any device or location, elevating the user experience and boosting employee efficiency by automating essential functions and offering instant access based on context.

A few key Context (Workspace Containers) highlights:

  • Condition sets (Zones)
  • Register settings
  • Set Desktop Wallpaper
  • Filters and specific actions (context awareness)
  • Printer mappings
  • Drive Mappings
  • Securing application access 
  • Device deployments
  • Application installations
  • Set Environment Variables
  • Use of scripting

Additional Benefits of Liquit

Here is a curated selection of additional benefits of working with Liquit:

  • Liquit Workspace is designed to be more lightweight and can be deployed in various configurations, including on-premises or in your own cloud, without any additional costs.
  • The platform can also be delivered as a SaaS solution. In that case, the need for an on-premises infrastructure is completely gone. You can get started right away and we’ll take care of any updates.
  • It’s way faster compared to Ivanti Workspace control.
  • Looking for ways to manage different customers at once? Look no further. Liquit Workspace supports multitenancy deployments. Particularly in terms of managing different zones (e.g. individual customers) at once and making applications available (and up to date) in an easy, highly automated and cost-effective way, Liquit Workspace is unparalleled.
  • Easy support for remoting devices without the need for relay servers, just port 443. 
  • Release & Patch Management with DTAP testing.
  • Connection to the Microsoft Store. 
  • Multi-platform, we support both Windows and macOS. 
  • Launch various file formats (EXE, MSIX, MSIX, App-V etc.). In case of App-V you don’t need the App-V infrastructure anymore. Just load your App-V packages in Liquit and that’s all.
  • No need for installation to use the Console (can be used via HTML5 or Liquit Launcher) 
  • Later this year, MacOS applications will also be included in the Liquit Setup Store
  • No need for another product for the Automation & Deployment part, like Ivanti Automation that has an integration with IWC. This is all available within Liquit from one console. 
  • No bugfixes like Ivanti Workspace Control, but real new features with the latest technology.

Addressing the Challenges

While exploring alternatives to Ivanti Workspace Control, it’s essential to acknowledge that no solution can replicate its functionality entirely. However, Liquit Workspace covers many of Ivanti’s capabilities and offers additional benefits. Here are the main challenges and how Liquit addresses them:

  • No Profile Management: This challenge can be resolved easily and cost-efficiently with Microsoft FSLogix Profile containers. These containers redirect the entire Windows user profile into a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD), ensuring a consistent user experience. Best of all, it’s often available at no extra cost, as it’s probably already included in your existing Microsoft licenses such as Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Client Access License (CAL), which are required to use Citrix Virtual App/Desktop environment.
  • No Security Module (formerly known as RES AppGuard): This can be addressed using Windows AppLocker or Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC). AppLocker, available in Enterprise editions of Windows, lets you control which apps and files users can run. Windows Defender Application Control, introduced with Windows 10, offers advanced application control and code integrity policies to defend against various cyber threats, providing comprehensive security for Windows clients.

Remember: behind every challenge lies a potential improvement!

Ivanti Workspace Control End of Life

Seeing is Believing: A Glimpse into Liquit’s Workspace Management Capabilities

The video below provides a glimpse into what Liquit Workspace can do in this domain. This sneak peek reveals a key advantage of Liquit: a set of User settings that are executed during login, tailored for multi-platform compatibility through context.

Imagine you’re in the midst of a VDI transition, moving from Citrix to Microsoft AVD. Typically, this would mean juggling two platforms simultaneously. However, with Liquit Workspace, this process is simplified and expedited. Liquit Workspace’s intuitive design allows for a seamless transition, maintaining both platforms with great efficiency.

Preparing for a Future Beyond Ivanti Workspace Control’s End of Life

While the search for a one-size-fits-all solution continues, we remain optimistic. The synergy between different solutions brings us closer to achieving our goal. However, as we move forward and the workspace evolves, embracing Liquit Workspace signals a step towards modernizing workspaces. Embrace Liquit Workspace to future-proof your digital environment and stay ahead in the evolving IT landscape.

Ready to get started with your transition? Or do you have questions about how we can assist you? Send us an email at

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