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Efficient and secure application management has become a critical pillar for IT security and broader organizational stability. We are doubling down on our mission to simplify the work of IT teams and enable them to create highly secure and compliant environments. This includes our continued evolution to meet the application management and patching needs of IT and security teams. Our recent acquisition of Liquit showcases this ongoing commitment.  

Application Manager by Recast Software is a powerful third-party app management, patching, and automation solution. It provides a robust, scalable, and user-friendly platform for third-party patching and application management.  

The Power of Third-Party Patching Automation

Why is Application Manager a security powerhouse? Simply put, it automates the packaging and deployment of your most popular third-party applications in ConfigMgr, Intune, and WSUS environments. With Application Manager, you can configure one set of deployment rules for all your applications, or you can create custom rules for each application you wish to update. Once set, these rules operate autonomously. So whether your IT team is on vacation or it’s a national holiday, Application Manager will initiate the necessary updates, keeping your systems secure and up to date. 

More Than Just Updates

Application Manager transcends traditional patch management, allowing teams to govern the entire lifecycle of applications from installation to uninstallation.  

Application Manager also utilizes a sleek, user-friendly web interface, making it both easy to manage and broadly accessible for your team. 

Custom, In-House Applications? Application Manager at the Ready

Many organizations utilize custom-built software, often built specifically for their industry or task. This custom software must also be managed and patched effectively. 

Application Manager enables custom app management via the Application Manager portal. Custom application packages can be deployed on defined devices (groups/collections), on a defined schedule, using Application Manager’s deployment processes.

Remote Software Center: Your On-Demand Helper

Serving as an excellent complement to Application Manager, Remote Software Center is a Right Click Tools Enterprise feature that allows you to manage applications on individual devices or collections with granular capabilities and insight. In short, Remote Software Center takes the work of Application Manager and keeps all of the software in your environment up to date and secure, from third-party applications to the operating system itself.

Remote Software Center displays all the applications deployed to a device or a collection of devices, including those managed through Application Manager. Then, with Remote Software Center, you can manually start individual updates on devices or collections or remedy a computer that is having trouble.  

Remote Software Center also provides real-time status and error codes, which are invaluable for troubleshooting and ensuring a seamless application environment. 

Application management - remote software center screenshot
Screenshot of Remote Software Center’s Applications tab

The Cost of Inaction

Proactive Application Management is a Must

It’s crucial to understand what you stand to lose by not leveraging Application Manager. Unpatched third-party software introduces serious security risks to your company. It’s no longer acceptable to put it on the back burner. The 2022 Top Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities report, coauthored by top US cybersecurity agencies, lists “applying timely patches” as the top priority for organizations. If you’re not rapidly patching software, you’re putting your organization at greater risk of a cyberattack. 

Moreover, if you’re a current Recast customer, consolidating your software needs saves you time, increases operational efficiency by reducing your vendor count, and therefore also makes accounting and management teams very happy. On the flip side, buying software from multiple vendors not only increases costs, but also complicates support and slows down the time-to-setup. Recast offers a comprehensive suite designed to simplify and secure every aspect of your endpoint management.  

Elevating Our Application Management Commitment

Our Acquisition of Liquit

In a significant move to solidify our leadership and commitment to solving your growing needs, we recently acquired Liquit, a pioneer in application management. This strategic move allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive application delivery platform. Liquit’s solutions empower IT pros to rapidly and securely configure, update, and provision applications across their environment regardless of device type or operating system, further enriching the capabilities of our existing suite. 

Read more about our acquisition of Liquit here

The Future is Secure

The union of Recast Software and Liquit addresses the immediate challenges IT teams face—complex application landscapes, evolving cybersecurity threats, and growing regulatory pressures. By adding Liquit’s unparalleled solutions, we have strengthened our position in both endpoint and application management, making our combined offerings an imperative for modern businesses. 

As we embark on this journey of integrated, agile, and comprehensive solutions, we are better positioned than ever to meet and exceed your application management and security needs. 

For more information on how Application Manager and Liquit can optimize your IT environment, reach out to our team

Embrace the future of endpoint security with Recast Software.

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