Office 365 Deployment Series with MEMCM – Post 6 – Channel Info

Hey Team, Gary Blok here, I’m coming back after a few weeks and am now adding Channel Query Collections.

We had a request to take everyone on the current channel (formerly known as Monthly) and move them to Enterprise monthly.  In a previous post, I talked about how to change the channel, but not how to find and target different channels if you’re looking to do it dynamically. Now if you’re looking for a report, this will get you a good start and has the same basic idea for creating a collection, just remember this post is old and uses the old Channel Names. [System Center Dudes Blog Post]

Update: After I wrote this, I saw Martin Bengtsson (@mwbengtsson) wrote up a great post with a script to create these for you.  Check it out!

Channel Info: [MS Docs}
  • Friendly Name: XML Channel Code = Registry Key
  • Current Preview Channel: CurrentPreview = “”
  • Current Channel: Current = “”
  • Monthly Enterprise Channel: MonthlyEnterprise = “”
  • Semi Annual Enterprise Channel Preview: SemiAnnualPreview = “”
  • Semi Annual Enterprise Channel: SemiAnnual = “”

Based on those Registry Keys for the CDN, we can create our collections. Now remember, this assumes you’ve enabled the “Office 365 inventory” in your client settings, which I talked about in the first post.

Creating those Collections:

New Query Collection,

Use the Registry Keys for the Channels as I’ve shown above.
In the Console:
The Collections Match the Results in the Dashboard, so that’s good. 🙂

Now you have your collections, you can target them with a deployment to change channels.

Hope you found this helpful, hit me up on Twitter with Questions.

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