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Right Click Tools 4.1 Release Webinar

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Presented by the developers of Right Click Tools, get a closer look at all the new features and improvements in 4.1, plus a transcript of several topics from the Q&A section. Check out the video below to see the new features in action:

Audience Q&A:

Q: How do I get a trial of Enterprise 4.1 if I already had a trial with 4.0?

A: To get another trial of the full Enterprise suite of tools with the latest 4.1 release please contact us. If you did not already have a trial with the 4.0 release, you will get a 30-day trial of Enterprise by downloading endpoint management software tools. After 30 days you’ll be downgraded to the Community (free) edition.

Q: Does Remote Software Center run as me? Or a locally logged in user?

A: It depends. By default it will run under the account used to run the console. With the Enterprise edition  you have various options for service accounts.

Q: Is Remote Software Center in Community or just Enterprise?

A: It’s a bit of both. It replaces the Install Software Updates tool which was and is a Community tool. The other parts sections are only available in Enterprise, including Applications, Task Sequences and Compliance.

Q: Is there a way to remote launch an OSD task sequence?

A: If the deployment is configured to show up in SC then yes.

Q: Is there a log showing who handed out the LAPS passwords?

A: In Enterprise we have auditing features that would allow you to determine who ran the LAPs actions.  As a rule, you want to be very careful about who has read permission to the AD attribute LAPS uses.

Q: Any gotchas upgrading from Right Click Tools 3.x to 4.1 Community?

A: The community upgrade should be fairly smooth. The Enterprise upgrade is a bit more complex if you’re using our optional server. Our Customer Success team can help with Enterprise upgrades, submit a ticket or book a call to get in touch. Also check out our technical guide to upgrading to 4.0 here.

Q: For the community/trial, that needs to be installed on the SCCM server, correct?  Or do all the Enterprise tools work in my local console?

A: Nope, just wherever the console is installed.

Q: Is there a tool to invoke an evaluation of Configuration Baselines on a collection or a plan to add this functionality?

A: Yes, that is part of Remote Software Center.

Q: Does Proxy help with remote DP’s which are several hops away and not directly accessible from local workstation?

A: Yes, as long as the proxy can reach the RMS then it can route actions through it.  It’s geared towards untrusted domain scenarios, including workgroup devices.

Q: What permissions are required on the endpoints to be able to see logs and interact with Right Click Tools in general?  I get Access Denied errors for some more secure locations.  Or is Proxy used for that?

A: In general you’ll need WinRM and remote registry.  If you need actions to run under different service accounts for different devices/domains/whatever that is what the Recast Proxy is for, yes.

Q: So just to confirm, if we already have a Recast Right-Click License and are running version 4.0.7171.38436 we are eligible to upgrade to version 4.1.2001.2402 without issue to our current license?

A: Sure are.  It’s a subscription model so as long as you have a valid license you can run the latest.

Q: Can we use different credentials for other AD forests we have to “do things” to endpoints in other forests?

A: Yes, this is the primary function of the Recast Proxy

Q: Can we have two separate servers (such as test and prod)? so long as we point the clients to the right server

A: Sure can.

Q: Can you explain what Kiosk Manager does?

A: Kiosk manager is geared towards single-use/app devices that you want to lock down. It allows you to create a profile to lock down the machine and then apply it to one or more devices ad-hoc or on a specified schedule.

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If you are curious about the Enterprise edition, we’re happy to schedule a walkthrough of the tools with one of our Product Specialists or provide a price quote.