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What’s New in Right Click Tools: 4.1 Tech Overview

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Several new tools and features have been added to both the Community and Enterprise editions of Right Click Tools 4.1. Check out the video below to see these new features in action:

New Features since 4.0
  • Remote Software Center
  • Device Hardware Audit Dashboard
  • LAPS Password – Set Expired
  • CM Client Information – added content size of cached content
  • Task Sequence Content Tool now supports DP Groups
  • Recast Software’s Management Server Status on the Recast Node

Remote Software Center

The New Remote Software Center tool gives the administrator the ability to get a visual representation of the Applications, Software Updates, Task Sequences and Baselines deployed to a machine. It has been designed to replicate the Software Center experience making it easy to navigate and use. From this tool, you can both see what is available and then trigger an install. Look for future development on this tool as we have many great ideas we want to implement to better empower your ability to manage the systems. Get a tour of the Remote Software Center.

Device Hardware Audit Dashboard

This dashboard brings a nice reporting ability to your finger tips. Get an overall look at the hardware you have in your environment, then easily drill down to view your laptops, desktops, and virtual machines. You also have the ability to filter on manufacturer and model. Once you’ve gotten exactly what you’re looking for, look for the export to CSV, and easily finish your report in excel. See the Dashboard in action.

LAPS Password – Set Expire

Local Admin Password Solution is a must for any organization, and ReLAPS helps to better manage that powerful tool. In this latest release, we’ve added the ability to expire the LAPS password on a machine, or on multiple machines.  You can expire the password ASAP, or schedule it to expire. This would be handy in the situation where you’ve given out the LAPS password to a field technician to do some manual administration, with a predefined window of when that password will work, since you’ve set the password to expire at a specific time of your choosing.

Get a closer look at all the new features and improvements in 4.1 by registering for the release webinar (plus, you’ll be entered to win a ticket to MMS MOA).

Those are the three larger features, which will continue to be enhanced in future releases.  To see what these features look like, be sure to check out the videos and follow up deeper dive posts on these features.