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Operating System Image Package

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Operating System Image Package

Operating System Image Package. It’s a pretty simple package. 1 file. One .wim file, either created using offline servicing or a build and capture process. In the past several years, the build and capture has been placed on the back shelf, as we move to using native Microsoft provided media, and then service it offline to slip in patches and other items.

Lets take a look at the console and see how it looks.
OSImage 01

Pretty normal, the one thing that is nice is the OS Version, it includes the update build record (UBR), which you can then compare to MS Docs and see what patch is applied.
For example, the 1909 build is 18362.1139

OSImage 02

From that table on MS Docs, I can see that my WIM is using the update released on 2020-10-13 (KB 4577671), and I can see that there is a newer patch available if I wanted to update my media.

Now lets look at the properties.
OSImage 03
If you import a native WIM from Microsoft, it might have several indexes, however you now have the option when you add a new OS Image to select the single index you want, which is great. The “Images” tab provides details about the selected index.

NOTE: If you replace the media (install.wim), even if you update the DPs, you need to come in to this dialog and click "Reload" to have the information refresh.

The Image Path points at your WIM file, this is a single file, vs a folder like an Upgrade Media Package is, that’s the big difference between the two.
OSImage 04

More information about build and capture process in our ConfigMgr Docs Site

Updating the Media

You’ll want to keep your media Fresh, including updates, and potentially enabling other features.

You can do apply updates with the built in features in ConfigMgr. It’s very limited, but better than nothing.

Better options are to use WIMWITCH or OSDBuilder to service your media, then import the updated media into CM.

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