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A Digital Healthcare Success Story: Right Click Tools’ Impact within a South Carolina Healthcare System 

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Healthcare systems serve as the backbone of our communities, ensuring our neighbors and loved ones receive the care they need when it matters most. One customer of ours, a large South Carolina healthcare system, strives to live out these ambitions through their operations. To do this effectively, their IT systems need to be robust, efficient, and secure. Right Click Tools Enterprise plays a crucial role in helping to deliver on their mission.  

This South Carolina healthcare system is comprised of multiple hospitals, a handful of nursing homes, and over 100 clinics. Their IT network is expansive, with 12,000 endpoints and around 150 distribution points. Ensuring this vast network operates smoothly and securely is their workstation manager, who we recently sat down with for an interview. His team, made up of four individuals, oversees the backend of workstations and everything that integrates servers into the workstations, including managing imaging and endpoint security.  

Before they integrated Right Click Tools into their system, they faced several challenges. Their workload was continually expanding, with the number of applications they had to manage ever-growing from around 20 to 30+ in a short period of time. Manually handling additional workloads became unfeasible, and they needed a way to standardize and automate processes. Enter Right Click Tools Enterprise. 

Ensuring Smooth Software Distribution 

With the addition of Right Click Tools, this South Carolina healthcare system transformed its operations, particularly around software updates, patches, distribution point management, and kiosk management. 

As some workstations are managed by the vendors who own them, only Certified Analysts at the Healthcare organization are allowed to install windows patches and Adobe upgrades due to vendor restrictions. However, with the Remote Software Center feature within Right Click Tools, these Certified Analysts now have a unified place to install vendor-approved patches and software upgrades. The capabilities of Remote Software Center allow these operations to be completed at scale, with just a single click initiating updates on hundreds of machines. It also provides the team with the ability to run reports within Right Click Tools, adding a level of oversight that wasn’t previously possible. 

Additionally, the healthcare system has 150 different distribution points serving the distributed physical infrastructure. Before Right Click Tools, ensuring software was correctly distributed to all these points was cumbersome, and failures occurred frequently. Now, with Right Click Tools, the team can check the status of package distribution across all distribution points and remediate any issues swiftly and efficiently. 

computer lab at night

Actionable dashboards? Yes, please with Right Click Tools Enterprise.

LAPS, BitLocker, and software update compliance all in an easy-to-view format with remediation just a right click away.

Enhancing Kiosk Management    

Automation has been critical in managing the healthcare system’s increased workload. Right Click Tools provides a feature set that allows them to automate various processes, saving them significant time and money.  

The Kiosk Manager feature within Right Click Tools provides one powerful increase in workflow efficiency. Previously, every time Microsoft made a change to the kiosk management feature in ConfigMgr, the team had to rewrite the Kiosk scripts, a time-consuming process. With Right Click Tools, this hospital IT team is able to automate these updates, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks. 

Also, prior to the use of Kiosk Manager, switching devices to kiosk mode took significant manual work and relied on the creation and use of PowerShell scripts. Now, Kiosk Manager allows easy and scalable deployment and management of the 58 kiosks, reducing the likelihood of errors while improving efficiency. 

Right Click Tools Enterprise: A Gamechanger for Healthcare IT 

In summary, Right Click Tools has proven invaluable for this South Carolina Healthcare System and many others like it around the globe. It has automated and standardized processes, improved efficiency, and allowed for easier management of their vast IT network. The workstation manager added, “When we bought Right Click Tools, we didn’t even know about the Remote Software Center feature. Now this part alone easily pays for itself.” 

Recast Software is proud to support the hardworking healthcare professionals who rely on efficient IT systems to deliver their vital services. The improvements within this South Carolina Healthcare System are a testament to the power and capability of Right Click Tools. IT management can be made simpler and more efficient, even in the most complex environments. Reach out to Recast Software to learn more about what Right Click Tools and the additional product suite can do for your organization. 

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