Restart Computer

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Restart Computer

MS Docs

MS Docs:


The Restart Computer Step does just that, restarts the computer. But it’s also a gateway between WinPE and the Full OS.
Restart Computer 1
Related Variables:

  • SMSRebootMessage
  • SMSRebootTimeout


In this example, I left the step alone, but set the two variables.
Restart Computer 2
Restart Computer 3

Common Issues

  • Choosing the wrong option for the where you end up after the reboot.

    • I’ve done this so many times, I’ll be watching a machine reboot after an install, and it comes up in WinPE instead of the Full OS.
  • Not having a formatted drive to download the Media to when rebooting.

    • When you’re early in WinPE, on a new disk that isn’t formatted yet, so there is nowhere for the Boot Media to actually download.
      Restart Computer 4

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