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Did You Know: Warranty Information Reporting

With Microsoft Ignite upon us and the first anniversary of Warranty Information Reporting v3.5, we thought that we would give you a status update and provide you with a number of interesting facts!

Did You Know-Warranty Information Reporting


Warranty Information Reporting

Warranty Information Reporting collects computer warranty status details from every computer found within Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). It determines the computer’s manufacturer, model, and serial number. It then sends these details to our endpoint management software web service which in turn collects the warranty details from each manufacturer. The results (manufacturer name, model name, warranty details, etc.) are normalized and finally returned back to the client. This process only requires a few seconds to complete!

Once within the SCCM database, our 12 reports provide customers with immense insight into their computing environment!

From our experience, most companies have a three, four or five-year refresh cycle for their computers. Our reports are used to list computers by age, which helps our customers efficiently achieve their budgeting goals.

Organizations with multiple computer manufacturers with varied warranty terms, use our reports to warn them when these computers are coming out of warranty. All of this allows for better budget planning!

Warranty Information Reporting Facts

We thought that we would provide you with some interesting facts about Warranty Information Reporting (WIR) over the last year. Why? The first anniversary of WIR v3.5 is here!
-WIR fully supports over 25 manufacturers.
-Over 100 manufacturer names are normalized.
-3,000 lines of code were added.
-Eight “bad” serial numbers were added to WIR’s filter list.
-Less than 0.59% of computers using the web service are, “White Box,” computers.
-Three manufacturers make up 84.76% of all computers WIR reports data on.
-8 out of the top 10 computer models are either laptops or notebooks.
-The average age of computers in our web service is 991 days old or 2.72 years old.
-The oldest computer is 5,750 days old (15.75 years) and it is not an Enhansoft test computer!
-Over 4 million requests to our warranty web service and counting.
-We’ve researched over 40 manufacturers looking to make them new fully supported manufacturers. Of the 40, a few were added to our supported manufacturer’s list.
-For every report in WIR, there are actually two reports. One is a Role-Based Administration (RBA) report and one is a standard version report.

Added or Updated Automated Collection Methods for Manufacturers

In the last year, the Warranty Information Reporting team here at Enhansoft has updated or added the automated warranty collection methods for the following manufacturers listed alphabetically:
Ciara Technologies
Fujitsu (servers only)
HP Enterprises
HP Inc.
Lenovo (twice)

Fun Facts

We’ve compiled some fun facts from our team about the past year!
-Over 1,000 cans of Diet Pepsi were consumed.
-Over 1,000 cups of coffee were consumed.
-A member of the WIR team entered eight horse shows!
-A member of the WIR team hosted two horse shows!
-Members of the WIR team watched all seasons (1, 2 & 3) of The Blacklist (TV show) on Netflix.
We hope that you find these stats as interesting as we did when we compiled them! We are looking forward to more advances over the next year with Warranty Information Reporting!

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