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Security & Compliance Reporting

Includes tools to address common "fall-down" areas and better manage industry-standard security features.
Improves the process of surfacing data, refining results, and taking appropriate action.

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Workflow Automation

Unlimited productivity through powerful automation at scale, right where you expect it.

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Suites of actions for provisioning and managing change for kiosk-style devices.

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Content Distribution

Tools to support efforts to manage and distribute content across Distribution Points.

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Operating System Deployment

Streamlining the work of OSD with more accessible troubleshooting and more control over task sequence content.

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User Management

Productivity tools to manage and apply actions to user accounts.

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Device Management

A large set of productivity tools to streamline device management.

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Fast Channel Support

Use Right Click Tools on the ConfigMgr Fast Channel to send Recast Actions over the CMG.

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