Right Click Tools

Inventory & Visibility 

Ensure all your distribution points are fully loaded and accessible. Make sure every update rollout runs smoothly. 

Hardware & software insights

For most organizations, having an accurate inventory of all hardware, firmware and software may seem near impossible. Having that information would enable much better business decisions and streamline many missions, like hardware refresh planning or building a new OSD task sequence.

Now you can make it all possible with Right Click Tools. See your entire inventory and drill down to any device. Keep track of all the different models across your organization and manage the countless different hardware configurations. Flag devices that need attention or updating. Plan for the future more confidently when you know exactly what’s in your inventory.

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hardware & firmware audit dashboard

Visualize the hardware of the endpoints in your environment, including chassis type, manufacturer, and model. Plus, filter accordingly.

system information tool

Show many computers at the same time to get an overall idea on what’s going on in your environment. Drill into hardware, drivers and more.

quick query

Improve the WQL query experience with larger and more complex queries, returning results quicker and allowing changes to the query statement on the fly.

“It has already provided so much value when we’re adding or moving multiple computers. The improvement in efficiencies is the biggest thing for us.”


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