Trend Dashboards

Screenshot of the AD Cleanup Trend Dashboard that provides you with a clearer picture of your AD and MEMCM endpoints lineup both currently and historically.

AD Cleanup Trend

For many organizations keeping track of endpoints can be a major headache. How do we know that all the devices and users we manage in ConfigMgr are in Active Directory and vice versa? Ensuring the alignment of both environments proves to be a persistent struggle.

With the AD Cleanup Trend Dashboard, your organization gets a clear picture of how your AD and MEMCM endpoints lineup both currently and historically. Say goodbye to pen and paper audits. With this robust and interactive dashboard, you can perform device activities immediately, as well as send management status reports.

BitLocker Compliance Trend

Drive encryption is the first line of defense in the event of a lost or stolen device. In some industries, it is an essential requirement to meet security certification standards.

Encrypting the right devices and applying the correct standards to individual devices or groups can be a significant challenge. With the BitLocker Compliance Trend Dashboard, we put all the necessary information in one place.

In addition, your security team can stay on top of compliance needs and maintain records of how the company has remained compliant until now. In the event of an audit, these records become an invaluable resource.

Screenshot of the BitLocker Compliance Trend Dashboard showing you how all the necessary information is in one place.

Screenshot of the LAPS Compliance Trend Dashboard that gives you an in-depth look at your LAPS compliance success and progress made within a set timeline.

LAPS Compliance Trend

Generic administrator passwords might streamline records, but also keep your security team up at night. The Local Admin Password Solution helps alleviate those fears of a security breach. The LAPS Compliance Trend Dashboard gives you an in-depth look at your LAPS compliance success and the progress you have made within your set timeline.

Software Updates Trend

A ransomware assault can occur by a single unpatched endpoint in your network. When you prioritize the security of your endpoints with a Software Updates Trend Dashboard, your defenses against a cyber attack will strengthen. You will have evidence of your compliance efforts in one easy-to-understand graph.

By investing your time in a trend dashboard, you will secure your business and maintain a high standard of security and compliance that benefits your organization for the long run.

Screenshot of the Software Updates Trend Dashboard showing how the information can help strengthen someone's defenses against a cyber-attack.

“Just being able to see what’s pending after patching – in a format that’s intelligible – is huge.”


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