Kiosk Management

Make switching to kiosk mode more reliable and less tedious, actionable remotely, and deployable across device groups.

Screenshot showing options to Manage Profiles within Right Click Tools.

Deploy & Manage Single Purpose Devices at Scale

When you have to put dozens or hundreds of devices into kiosk mode, a manual approach can be time-consuming and riddled with mistakes. Even locking them down through scripting or one-off policy settings can be stressful and leave gaps. Not to mention the potential configuration drift and support calls.

Right Click Tools can automate switching to kiosk mode with ease and confidence, no matter how many devices. Whether it’s in school computer labs, state testing, large digital advertising installations, factory floor computers, or time clocks, you’ll know exactly which devices are in kiosk mode, and prevent any unauthorized usage.

Kiosk Manager / UWF Manager: Provision and configure devices to support common single-purpose, kiosk-style requirements such as computer labs and digital signage. Configure Windows Unified Write Filter feature to create a known-good state. This state is then locked down and any changes made are reverted back upon a restart.

Known Good State

With a multitude of devices and users across your organization, some software, somewhere, sometime, is going to act up and fail. Corrupted data? User misbehavior? It doesn’t matter when you have a known good state that’s only a reboot away.

With Right Click Tools, you can easily correct any configuration drift and address those help desk calls quickly and effectively. Force a reboot to a known good state from anywhere on any device. Then everybody is back in business on the double.

Screenshot showing how to select Unified Write Filter and the five options available there from within Right Click Tools Enterprise.

“Basically, Kiosk Manager saves us a tremendous amount of prep time and makes the testing experience less stressful for everyone.”


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