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Content Distribution

Ensure all your distribution points are fully loaded and accessible. Make sure every update rollout runs smoothly. 

Global view of content

Content distribution can be a painful bottleneck that too often ends up being a showstopper. With so many moving pieces, you need to know everything is in the right place and ready to go – applications, software updates, drivers, operating system images and more.

This can all be simplified with Right Click Tools. Manage content distribution easily by visualizing global distribution point groups and the content status of all your distribution points. Make sure everything is exactly where it needs to be and totally accessible.

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content information dashboard

Quickly view content tied to a specific task sequence, take action on that content, and manage the successful distribution of your task sequence content to where it needs to be.

content status tool

Shows general Distribution Point (DP) information and all content currently distributed to the selected DP. Right click to check the status of content, gather troubleshooting information, jump to the file source, redistribute, remove or validate, and more.

redistribute all failed content transfers

This productivity tool makes resolving content transfer failures a single step. Running the tool will re-try any content transfer that had previously failed.

content distribution monitor dashboard

Manage and remediate content distribution failures with an overview of distribution job status for your entire environment.

“I would consider Right Click Tools to be a must-have software for SCCM”


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